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Semi Auto Blog

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by secretbonus, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. secretbonus

    secretbonus Registered Member

    Mar 24, 2009
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    was brainstroming the other day this is what I came up with... This method is a bit more cautious...
    Let me know if you know of better resources then ones mentioned

    1)create emails, or download some service to automate email creation... I'm a little ticked off because I found a gmail creator with a captcha cracker, tried the demo and it worked fine and can allow you to change the email forwarding right away, in combination with another service could mass create using some captcha cracker.

    2 days ago at least i thought it was like $39 for some service and now I see "Was $149, now only $97" and they added affiliate program where affiliates get $30... Maybe I was wrong because they link over to a captcha service which is $39.... dont want to endorse but search gmail creator and its first entry... $97 for a some what of a noob is pricy for me.. then again one time price if I actually continue to use this method would be good, question is if I actually will, but I think I'll look for something else since I don't need many emails right now. Don't really know, might just be cheaper to pay someone on elance or something to make me 100 emails since I don't need a whole lot.

    I Make email accounts like (someletters)1, (someletters)2, (someletters)3,etc so you have sequential numbers since it's easier to keep track

    2) make a bunch of blogs, I like using similar keywords or several around same niche so I don't have to waste time as much with the next 2 steps. You could hire people to churn out blogs, I don't know, I would like to automate this step if possible.

    3)go to email under settings i think set up username(dot)secretwords(AT)blogger.com. Difference is you set as save to draft... if you'd like to keep copies of initial set your gmail account used in signup to forward to this account.
    4)Locate several RSS feeds, newsletters,etc based on your keyword. Use feedmyinbox to forward the RSS feed to post to blogger as draft using email in step 3... sign up to any newsletter using your email. search "rss+keyword" or "newsletter+keyword" in big G if you need to find... If your niche is right, check clickbank market place, sign up to any emails in your niche using email account in step 3... That way you can change the links to the products affiliate link if you want, as well as use the content.

    5)change blogging settings if you would like... you also may wish to add Text/java and put up rss includes of a related rss feed so you have some automatically updating content in sidebar. adds a little bit more content for readers.

    6) Check back with your account in a day (feedmyinbox takes 24 hours I think until they start sending you rss). Locate the DRAFTS that have been automatically created.... Now you need to make this unique...
    7) start by deleting intro and conclusion and rewriting it, and filling in keywords... then copy and paste article to jet spinner

    Say you have an article about how to make money online, you would do something like this
    like {there are many ways to | you will realize that it is easy to | Now you can learn to} {make money online | profit on the internet | get paid using online resources}... First sentence already has 9 possible combinations all of which are at least 50% unique, just continue like that throughout article. I don't like to get carried away spinning every possible combination, I'd rather just spin like 25 and have them all be very unique, but it depends on where you get content, and how unique you want it, and when you use jetspinner how much time you take. You might want to make sure first intro, first few sentences of body, and conclusion are all very unique using 3 or 4 words, the rest is fine to only use every now and then. You may wish to leave your keywords in without spinning the keyword itself, or you might just put keyword in 3 times as much as usual, but use 3 variations of that word so it's actually the same in terms of density.

    8) repeat step 7 a few times and you will with only maybe 10 posts in about 10 days have about a years worth of content. So copy and paste this in, and go to post options, and change date. This way you will schedule the content so it is set to post every 1-3 days occasionally every other day. Every time you might create 24 articles that way you can do twice every single month... This way when you create the next one it isn't like you're going to get similar article every single day in a row... If you use same category, I think it might be worth it to just get all of the content you have spun and get more since you'll have more blogs, and forward it to someone to do it on elance. I've not outsourced before but I'm thinking about it... once I have a method down I want it automated as possible without the draw backs of completely automated scraped content.

    Now the trick will be to make money with this...
    monotising shouldn't be hard, use adsense or something, sell links directly or through text-links if you're good at getting traffic and niche is related to webmasters, seo, link building, making money online or anything where visitors are likely to have a site.
    As for traffic? I'm more of a linkbuilder myself... I like to build links with good anchor texts from quality sites... So naturally article directories are my favorite...

    I use RSS announce because many RSS directories are down that it uses, but it submits to a few and gets it indexed quickly.

    Semiautoblogging will have more stability, less chance of deletion and will be more white hat, so less reason to resort to social traffic since it's less targeted... Targeted traffic works much better for adsense, but if you want to social and just use blogs to link to an adsense highly targeted SEOed site that works too...

    Since you spin so many articles what you might do is take your original article spin it twice first, so you have 2 very unique articles doing this means probably 50-75% unique from each other, submit one to ezine and the other to goarticles with anchor text and backlinks, then spin maybe 10 more times with less unique content, and then have those all submitted to the next top ten article exchanges... Then spin several times so you have your own blog post...

    I personally wouldn't even want to spin the intro and conclusion for ezine and goarticles, rather just write my own because that's enough to make the article seem completely unique so it's not only unique words but structure is different too. Psychologically you remember what you read first and last, google algorithm knows this and article directories even manually review won't notice.

    I'm probably not thinking quite black hat enough, there's probably several tools for link building, but I'm just learning blackhat, so I'm not quite as versed as everyone else here...

    I don't know, maybe it's best just to automate sites for a year, index sites and move on, and get as many as possible for like 6 months, and THEN come back and do article directory submissions. Plus if you actually use anchor text in goarticles first paragraph or second, people who copy content without using resource will build several links for you. So maybe just submitting 2 articles to ezine and goarticles per site and then leaving it... Only article directory submission I used before was only semiauto they'd open the page and fill in details, but you'd have to change things and click submit and do that for every site. you get it for free somewhere myarticlesubmitter i think is the name of it.
    Maybe I'll just try to do some testing problem is it's the entire method itself that I'm not sure which is better...

    MORE automatic modification: I forget who, but very recently someone on this forum put up method of using wordpress, then getting rss for each individual category, and just making 1 category for every blog, and using wordpress plugins to create automated unique content. Then you would get the rss for each category and use fr each blog. They used cron job, I dont know how to do cron job although I'm sure I could figure it out... I just use feedmyinbox for rss to email and have it sent to email, with backup stored in gmail account. This would make the posting automatic, because once you get to this step, you either disable the forwarding of gmail and you send this gmail directly, or you set it to "post immediately" and you unsubscribe to everything except the wordpress rss, or you could just do another gmail account and have that one forward and disable the forwarding on the original account. You don't want to leave forwarding on for newsletters if you switch to post immediately because otherwise you just build links to their site and you might need to request user name and password to something and then whole world would see. I think adding this in with the semiautomatic method would work excellent, because this keeps the site building content AFTER the semi automatic content is done, but in mean time, you create a years worth of very very targeted posts with unique content as good foundation for good potential future results, and several pages to index.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2009