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Dec 3, 2015
Are you starting a new business and want to attract more leads and customers via search engines? Or do you already have an established website and are looking for more opportunities to increase your traffic and sales targeting intent keywords?

Starting a new project or business with SEO can be challenging! With 8+ years of experience in SEO,

I understand how to compete against the top dogs. Most clients come to our agency struggling to rank target keywords even for their brand queries.

Some have had horrible past campaigns trying to rank for the most challenging keywords with no match intent to their domain and highly authority websites by billion-dollar brands with massive SEO budgets.

Most have forgotten that quality keyword research is necessary for 99% of SEO campaigns.

Most gloss over this critical element and find themselves sandboxing their site trying to push their rankings for a highly competitive keywords or failing to understand the semantic intent of selected keywords.

Why Are Our Keywords Report Special?

If you’ve been on Internet marketing long enough. You should know by now that we’re one of the trusted agencies around marketplaces. We've been delivering our services through the years, and when we say that these keywords are the bomb, I mean that ranking your site using one of them is easier than falling off a one-legged horse!


But, Keyword Research is Dead!

That is far from true, young padawan. These days, effective Semantic keyword research is an increasingly essential skill for SEOpreneurs and businesses alike.

It can make or break your SEO campaign. It impacts every element of each SEO task that you perform including on-page, off-page, email outreach, and content promotion.

That is why our keyword research should be your first step of any SEO campaign!

Keyword research is like the compass to your campaign. It tells you where to go and where to put your focus so then you can make progress.

We help you to better understand your target audience and it gives you an insight into the customers that you are trying to reach.

Here's How most go about Doing Keyword Research.

Most SEOers launch a tool like AHREFS and do some basic keyword research. They compile a list of keywords based upon the traffic and keyword difficulty. After a few months, their keywords aren't moving at all. They spent all of their initial budgets on fleshing out the content and link building.

Eventually, they begin to point fingers at their backlink provider or blame it on their content not being high quality enough.

What they didn't consider is that their keyword research was horrible! It was them all along and nobody else!

Most, if not everyone, get keyword research wrong! They underestimate the competitiveness, intent, opportunity assessment (OA) of the keyword, as well as other factors.

Stop just listening to AHREFS and SEMRUSH!

In today's competitive landscape, you need an agency holistic approach to keyword research. Be done with the days of going by what SEO tools tell you and conventional metrics like KD or KGR.

  • At 1stpage Agency we help you to penetrate your market by manually auditing the SERP and handpicking the perfect keywords for your business.
  • We ensure that each keyword has low competition by analyzing established pages for weak authority. This is a green light for ranking potential.
  • The more "weak" domains the keyword has, the better!
  • We use custom-built tools that scrap millions of web pages to find "hidden gem" keywords with little to no competition.
  • We then manually check the keywords with our years of experience and ensure that they don't require much effort to rank. This means that you can stop wasting your time with oversaturated keywords that don't get the job done!

This bottom-up approach is what will allow you to dominate indirectly instead of taking a "heads on" strategy to your main competitors. This is a loser's strategy that has killed more campaigns than you can imagine!

Meet Goldmine Keywords:

Forget KGR and other KD nonsense. Stop putting your sole trust in these metrics if you want success with SEO.

They are hit or miss!

It's like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Instead, get your fingers on "untapped" keywords with "goldmine" potential for your business or client's projects.

These handpicked keywords can help to increase your search traffic and sales. Since each keyword is personally audited by our professionals, you will have a significantly higher chance of ranking.

What people are saying about us:
*1 @Delux90 said: HERE

I made a custom deal with the seller for 1 AdSense kw as I did not wanted a pack of custom kw research coz I just wanted to test his service. He was online when I made the order and he got me 1. kwfinder score 28 keyword having 12k US searches and 22k Worldwide with cpc of $2+ 2. Kwfinder score 18 - 200+ US searches with cpc of $8 :D. Both the keywords can be ranked on single page as they are related to each other with just 1k-2k words of content.
The top 10 does not have good content and they are poorly optimized. The keyword also does not have yt videos which can be pain in ass to outrank so I am confident that I will be able to outrank the competition with good content, on-page and minimal link building.

Overall great experience would recommend it to everyone 10/10.

Will hopefully purchase more in future. Thanks

*2 @xRAYPEST said: HERE When @Nakinas asked about the report he got,

The keyword looks really promising, it was stated that it's 2/100 (which means its super easy) but I won't say its that easy. The first page of Google is full of direct competitors all having keywords in Title.

It should not be that difficult to rank for it but it's also not as simple as it was stated (2/100) but I feel that I got my money's worth and I have no complaints at all. Took advantage of that 50% coupon and bought 2 50k+ searches CPA keywords. Both look very decent and have a lot of potential.

Also, the last Landing Page I ordered was amazing and for 5$ that's a great add on!

*3 @lifehero said: HERE

AT was very very quick. Nice.
Service is excellent. Topiano is great dude. Helped me out quite a bit, and was willing to go out of his way. Keyword I received was as stated. One of the keywords had a 6600 monthly volume. Easy as hell to rank to. 10 page site with couple web2’s would rank this keyword top 5 spots.

the amazon keyword I received was as stated as well. I would recommend this service to any newbie and or someone that does not want to do keyword research. There are some golden nuggets that can be had here.

I will be back for a custom order again here soon :)

*4 @chigoonline said: HERE

I purchased a kw with 3500 search volume and 12% score on KW finder from the seller. The turn around was fast. I ran checks on the kw on my private keyword research tools and keyword finder and competition was really low. I even found some other kw ideas from the niche I can pretty much rank easily for. Planning to rank this with parasite SEO.
I'm very satisfied with the service and would recommend to anyone looking for easy game hack niches. I hope to purchase more when I'm done working on this.

Thanks Chigo, your feedback means a whole lot to our business growth...... with other great feedbacks going through our BST since the creation on the BST. We've evolved tremendously over the years!



Frequently Asked Questions;

- Who are the keywords for?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Bloggers or anyone willing to profit using search traffic.

- What Payment Methods do you accept?
PayPal, Stripe, Local Bank Transfer (US & UK), and BTC.

- Do you provide any refunds?
Due to the nature of our business and the work required to provide high-quality keywords. Once the keywords are delivered, we cannot sell or re-use them twice. However, if we do not deliver within the agreed timeframe, we will provide a full refund using your preferred payment method.

- What is the turnaround time (TAT)?
Custom Semantic Keyword Research takes about 3-10 business days, otherwise delivery is instant.

- Can I outsource your keyword researching service to my clients?
You can outsource all of your keyword research to us! If you need expedited delivery for your custom keyword research, let us know beforehand.

- Are there any discounts?
Yes, we do provide discounts.

Please respond to the thread below with

Looking for discount, I'd Love Order Semantic Keyword Research,"

and I'll hit up your inbox within 24 hours.

Live Chat - We're Online!

Contact Support :
[email protected] | cc: [email protected]
Skype : +14066162178​
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Good luck with your bst. I see that you offer complete cpa websites as an upsell, could you send me a sample site?
Good Luck with your sales. This should be a handy service for me. Are you offering any review/discounted copies?
Approved @Topiano provided a KW that was clearly going to be easy to rank with minimal effort and decent onsite SEO. Once paid, the KW is made available immediately and he has a nice little PDF giving tips on how to rank and suggests some services that he trusts.

Nice service priced fairly offered by a nice guy.

Thanks for taking the time to approve my thread @BassTrackerBoats!



Order placed !
Transaction ID : ........#215 ...

Received order in less than 3 seconds. This is a sick way to get my project started before next year hahah...

No competition is all I'm seeing on SERP. Thanks Thanks
hello would like to see a sample of keyword, "Create a Landing Page Around Keyword". And when i buy the content if you also add other related keywords?
DO you do normal kw research for a given kw? Not CPA.
I would like to take a review copy if you are offering some.
Reports of very fast delivery is this automated selling the same keyword or do you have multiples, if so how many of these KW could I get?
Interested can I have sample work / Site

I have it sent to your PM ! Please confirm you have received it.

Do you also sell amazon kws?

Yes, We do as well, We will be updating on STORE in couple days, You can easily SUBSCRIBE around Footer to get the notification first when published with new KWs.

Can I see sample keywords?


I have the sample sent to you! Please confirm you receive it.

Any Amazon affiliate keywords @Topiano? All the best for your BST :)

Yes, That would be updated in couple of days. I will have you notified if that works well with you.

Seems great I'm bookmarking this thread. GL with sales!!

Thanks for passing by and giving the THUMBS it really appreciated.

hello would like to see a sample of keyword, "Create a Landing Page Around Keyword". And when i buy the content if you also add other related keywords?

Please confirm you have the REPORT received. Thanks

DO you do normal kw research for a given kw? Not CPA.
I would like to take a review copy if you are offering some.

Yes please ! We work on CUSTOM ORDER as well.. Please send me a PM. Let's have a quick conversation.

Reports of very fast delivery is this automated selling the same keyword or do you have multiples, if so how many of these KW could I get?

We do understand the VALUE of Time to our Clients, So we do the assignment while you sleeping to have you wake up with promising KWs ready for Purchase and get delivered to you INSTANTLY.

No, We don't sell KW Twice - We have them LOCKED/REMOVED after Purchase !!

Order placed !
Transaction ID:........#215 ...

Received order in less than 3 seconds. This is a sick way to get my project started before next year hahah...

No competition is all I'm seeing on SERP. Thanks
Thanks for your Purchase JIM!



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