Selling VERO 1:1 via Stealth - Possible / Worth the effort?

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    Yes, i know selling VERO is not smart.
    Yes, i know 1:1, replicas, copies, fakes or whatever you want to call them is risky, immoral, illegal, and most likely not worth the time.

    Regardless, I appreciate any advice on my situation if you feel like reading onward.

    My situation:

    Last year, I was happily and successfully selling VERO 1:1 sunglasses on my original, 200x EBay account.
    I was averaging about 5-7 sales a day, averaging a NET PROFIT of $300 a day.

    Unfortunately, while i did have a 100-item limit on my account, the 30-item-per-category limit greatly hampered my "business." I pretty much reached this cap every month in less than 2 weeks. Brief math: about $1500 in 2 weeks. I maintained 99% customer satisfaction without any issues.

    Being the greedy little devil I am, i wanted to try to remove this limit - imagine, $3000-4000 a month!
    Now, where i shot myself in the foot (being rather un-educated in the EBay / Stealth account universe at that time) was where I called them up asking what it would take for the 30-item-category limit to be removed.

    Old story, they wanted invoices, account suspended, PayPal still good, but my income source was shot.

    Not one easy to give up, I purchased a verified/100 limit account from good ol' Tim at VCC a while back. I have yet to use it as I've been busy with my actual job and life and whatnot. But it should be a solid stealth account (hopefully.)

    • So, I have a ready-to-go stealth account, and the knowledge to create more.
    • I have access to several friends, or family members, accounts or details (to create more accounts).
    • I have lots of leftover product.
    • I have an EXCELLENT supplier who provides me said product at the BEST price, and I am considering purchasing more real soon (As even if I can't sell on Ebay, I have minor success on Craigslist/other sources - have yet to try Amazon...)

    With that said, for those more experienced black hat wearers, what are my viable options?

    I was considering selling random low-risk items on my current ready-to-go stealth account (used books, clothes, etc.) to build up some rating, and then throw up a few of my product. If necessary I would open another 2-3 stealth accounts and spread my product out into them, but if I can manage with just one account initially, all the better. Even if I put only 1 item up per day, I would me netting over $1500 a month. With multiple accounts i'm sure you can do the math, although I'm unsure how much "low risk" feedback I should gather on them before trying to VERO.

    Thanks for any advice or assistance.


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    There is so many people selling VeRo on Ebay and when they have items seized by customs nothing ever happens even though that is the government and they have you dead to rights with the address on the package that gives you away. Because there is way and I mean way to many people selling it!

    It is not the wisest thing to be doing, but not the worst thing that you could be doing. I think it is deceitful and morally wrong.

    You made a colossal mistake requesting higher selling limits. You needed to simply make more stealth accounts and then you will have more sales.

    Because if you do request higher selling limits you are going to be interrogated and your account will be looked at. Even after you get accepted or rejected Ebay will be watching that account.

    You never want to rock the boat on any stealth account you have. Just make more accounts and you will have more sales. When you do establish a very long successful selling history on any account. Ebay will raise your selling limits automatically and that is how you want them raised.
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    As for requesting invoices, just send 'em fake ones.

    Btw, did you accidentally stumble on a good supplier? Did you purchase out of your country?
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    There are ppl on here that sell invoices
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    just be careful and make sure you are in complete stealth