Selling stuff from Goodwills and Antique shop

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by vil3388, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Do you guys do that? If so do you guys make any money by reselling items from goodwills and antique store?
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    Yes and no. You get lucky at times and make a profit. At times you break even or even lose a few bucks just to get rid of it. My mother and grandmother use to do it. The biggest two gains they made where from a Lenox nativity set they paid $50 for and sold it for a little over $400 and a 1st edition signed book that sold for a little over $500 and I think they only paid like $3 for it. When the bids starting going up they had me research the book. I found only 3 other copies for sale online and they where are for $750-900.
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    I've done this before, but it's more work than people think.

    Most thrift stores actually try to identify really valuable things before they put them out. While you can certainly find the values sometimes, remember that the thrift stores are trying to make money too. If they find a $1000 Rolex in a contribution that came from some estate or something, believe me they want to notice it before you. Look around in those stores and you'll usually find a section that has way more expensive items.

    Even if you do find some good 'gems' though, you still need to really keep up on what things are going for. Just like anything else, if you have the time to keep up on the trends, and you have a good eye, you can definately make some money from doing this.

    It also helps a lot now that it's so easy to use iphones or similar devices to go online and check the auctions while you're in the store. It you do your research it can really pay off, but it isn't as easy as the 'ebay gurus' would like you to believe.