Selling stuff at flea markets for some side cash anyone have any experience

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    Anyone ever into selling stuff at flea markets? What sells good tips anything? Know everyone here is mostly into online stuff but just looking for some side cash and I'm sure some of entrepreneurs here have tried there hand at flea markets now or when they were younger.
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    Actually I have done this a little bit for side money when I was younger it all depends on your location but but here are some tips.

    First off what you think may not sell may sell first thing so do not make too high of expectations or low.

    One time I went to a friends house loaded all there old crap in the back of my truck and went out that weekend and made around $300 that day on a bunch of junk and it sold great.....

    Never price your items too high or the person will not even bother asking about another item if you are cheap they may go off with hand fulls.

    I also left things for people to dig thrue it made it look like a great place to find treasure.

    At the end of the day I pulled one or 2 items of decent value and offed everything starting at 50 cents and going down to a dime.

    This was great for me I did not have to pack many things away and made my life alot easier plus I had a huge stash of change.
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    I did this for awhile, and made some decent money at times, but it was not easy. Also, you will be surprised at how dedicated to this a lot of the people at the flea markets are. Most of the people you see there all the time have some kind of odd job or connection that always allows them the time or right inside knowledge to get the best prices for a particular product.

    Here are some things I learned when flea marketing:
    -Do NOT limit what your willing to sell.
    -Take a little time to make sure your items on display are very visible, but do not make it look to clean and tidy. The cleaner and tidier you look, the more people want to haggle with you, or ignore you all together. Of course dont have it look shitty, but no commercial display cases and shit like that.
    -Fishing equip. seems to sell faster than I could ever get my hands on it. The older the better.

    Weird right?

    Besides that garage sales, craigslist, and shady neighborhoods is where I got most of my shit from.

    Good luck. If you live around Chicago hit me up and Ill give you a good start on getting a little inventory to start.
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    I sold puppies at a flea market and made 5K a month.

    I'd by them in from ads in the local papers, offering to buy the litter ant 1/2 the asking price.

    I only bought healthy registed pups. Had them vet checked, given shots, then sold them for less than the local pet stores.

    Just get people to play with them and hold them and wait for the awhhhh.... cha ching.

    and accept cc's.
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    A place to get stuff to sell is at storage places. Public Storage and most of the larger companies have monthly or every other month auctions on storage units where people stopped paying for one reason or another and lost their stuff. It is hit or miss, but I have got a real nice tool set that I resold. Look into it...
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    I work for the man.
    There is a bar in NYC that does this for "adoption night." They just unleash litters of puppies into a crowd of drunk yuppies. I know many people who have woken up with a killer hangover, a puppy, and a thinner wallet. Best business plan ever.