Selling SEO to Resort/Hotel Owners?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Blackhat Scott, May 31, 2011.

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    I want to focus on this niche. Other than me working my way up from the bottom by calling a toll free number any advice on prospecting these types of clients would be greatly appreciated... thank you in advance for your replies.
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    Hi Blackhat Scott,
    It sounds like you're already confident with seo, if you are then an absolute winner would be to get a site ranked for this niche.

    This would work for a number of reasons:

    • You're hitting your target market right between the eyes, they will beat your door down
    • Rent the site to them giving you great monthly income and full control and if they don't pay take their name of it and offer to another hotel
    • You have made a template to rinse and repeat
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    Wow!! Very nice to see somebody else interested in my current business lol. I am just into the same services area, actually I have a nice plan in my mind, but my market is the Hispanic market, anyway I just got my own client last week.

    it might be interesting to share ideas and sources. PM me

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    irancrude [oil] with an american flag selling seo to hispanic hotels

    I love globalization :)
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    Hey dude this is right up my alley too :) In most cases with with larger chains 800 numbers and reservations go to a third party booking company so you wont get very far. So this is where you need to do some background research and start drilling down to find ownership groups and find contacts that can make the big business decisions.

    Try to find hotels/resorts to target from small to med in smaller areas not metro citys. The competition is heavy in larger citys for accomodations and the seo being performed too. A good way to find is looking at vacation or destination spots Everyone looks online to check out where they are going on vacation.
    When you have found a area that you like search "hotels in your destination" in Big G switch from web search to maps or places look through and find listings that are not claimed. Find 10 unclaimed listings. 95% of the time unclaimed listings are not working on seo. now go back to web search and look at the top competition. Look at the competition and linkscape them all most if not all have not done any seo.

    You can use market samarai to quickly see and measure up the comp. Also do some keyword research so you have all your ducks in a row. Once you have all this dialed in have a proposal and all questions that might come up ready to go.

    Now make contact phone or email. Phone is better imo. My name is cross and i am planning to stay at your hotel/resort. While planning my trip on Googly goo I noticed your web presence is a little week. This is my line of work blah blah not to much about you get to the point his places page is not optimized while his competitors is or maybe not so lets dominate him. Also mention his site is not mobile optimised and nowadays 90% of travellers are looking for hotel and or driving directions to the hotel.

    While hanging these two carrots in front of them will land full blown campaigns with long term contracts and get two or three clients your bills are paid and making living. Two or three more clients your banking some good cash.

    I would like to go on but I'm on my iphone and its getting tough to make such a long post.

    Good luck and I forgot to mention ..... Working in this niche has perks too! A client a few weeks back flew the wife and I in all expenses paid away from the kids for ten days :)
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    My company has two hotels and another one in construction in NYC.

    Whats your price for which keywords?(dont have to tell me the keyword but tell me monthly exact search globally)

    What will you do ? ( in specific )

    And you have to understand that filling up the reservation as a Hotel owner in NYC isnt hard at all, by alone fills our hotels every day.

    If we have your service, whole purpose of getting SEO service is to convert the reservation rate from others similar) to our own website so it would save the 20% commission that take.

    So the price should not be too high.