Selling SEO strictly over phone.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Blackhat Scott, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Any phone closers out there doing this?

    This is my plan to solicit new customers. Research their sites... tell them the problems with their SERPS, offer solution and close sale by pulling card over phone. Anyone already doing this? Some think I'm crazy.
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    May 20, 2008
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    I'm an SEO person and closing over the phone is not too much of a problem but you will have to establish yourself first. Simply calling customers and giving them your sales pitch is much harder than it looks. You will get a lot of hangups and no's. You gotta have thick skin.

    People are very hesitant to give their cc number over the phone for good reasons. For me, I meet most of my customers in person first. I'm lucky enough to live near a large city so it's not a problem for me to meet them.

    It's also a good idea to get and have customer referrals along with some sites that you've worked on. Potential customers love to see what you've already worked and how you've helped others.

    There are some other threads concerning this subject with some very good info. Do a search and I'm sure you will find some.

    I hope this helps and answers some of your questions.
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    Dec 2, 2010
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    my opinion is that wont work
  4. Blackhat Scott

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    Would love to hear more from SEO pros that have been on the front lines for a while. Thank you for the two posts so far.

    My model is this: Good looking website, bbb membership, client examples, testimonials, Sales 101, Close by pulling credit cards over phone or checks by phone...
  5. oxonbeef

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    It can be done if you're a good presenter and closer but you're creating a lot of work for yourself.
    Don't forget you will be about the 10th person that week calling with
    the same service. Just set up a business number and you will
    see just how many a week you receive.
    What is your USP?
    Why should they do business with you over the others who have called?
    How would you deal with contracts?
    Are there distance selling regulations in your country? (Some have a 30 day cooling off period).
    You'll also be doing research on businesses that you do not even know if they
    will take your services. A waste of valuable time.
    I would personally prefer to prospect by telephone, build a rapport and relationship
    then get their permission to do an analysis.
    If I were to close by phone it would be over two or three telephone calls.
    I want our relationship solidified, I want to build trust.
    When you sell over the phone how do you know they are not going to screw you?
    In my opinion it's not a very professional way to go about obtaining clients
    and a well acumen'd business owner will see this strait away, a bad one will
    have the shirt off your back.
    Forget all the WSO's about creating quick videos or the latest fangle email
    approach, a businessman doesn't care if he's on page 10 of Bing all
    he cares about is the bottom line, by how much his profits will increase and what's in it for him.
    If you want high paying clients polish your shoes and get in front of them.

    What would you rather have? 5 clients paying you $200 a month or 1 paying you $1000?
    What is more impressive, a jar full of tiddlers or the big fish?

    Oh! and another thing. I don't give free reports either, My time is money. Giving free reports devalues
    my services. I charge for analysis and reports that is deductible from their fee if they decide to take my services.
    If I ever do a free report then it will be by contract that I own all rights to it which is why I prefer to present
    face to face. If they decide not to take my services I am leaving not one piece of paper in their office.
    You will get business owners accept free reports from several SEO companies, compare them and then
    employ someone in-house to do the work or auction off the job to the cheapest taker.
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  6. apeek22

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    I think your key will be getting into the door. I work for an ecommerce company and get 3-4 calls a week with some one saying "I couldn't find your website I need to speak to the blank" etc etc etc. Get's real old!

    Good luck, I personally think being straight to the point, here is my website if you would like more information and see if they would like to talk.
  7. blindboy

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Selling SEO over the phone is a nightmare. As apeek22 says, you will be the 3rd business that week offering to get them to number 1 in Google. Build a rep with you existing customers and get them to refer you, this is one of the best ways to get new SEO business.
  8. rod0014

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    I just started my seo service and I need help. I was thinking of cold calling prospective clients over the phone, but I realize it much easier to 10 businesses in my area and drive to see them. There I can do a presentation face to face, live my business card, show them some exemples and flyers that I might have. Base on the response that I get, I can even offer a free analysis.

    But my problem is I need to learn and learn, because I don't want to take people's money and not delivering result.

    Do you guys outsource all your work? and do you use software to automate everything?

    I spoke to a company that have a program where you sell there service and you get to keep 25%. They will speak and do everything under your company name.

    What do you guys think and any advise on how to get started. By the way here is my website hxxp://rimarketing dot com. Let me know what you think.
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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Rod0014 lets stay on topic selling SEO... start your own thread please. Anyway if the biz owners are getting 3-4 calls per week from SEO people that tells me that is possible, otherwise why would all those people make the call? I do have merchant accounts set up.
    Are you saying the ones who call by phone only charge a couple hundred dollars a month? My background is phone closing... I am used to being aggressive on the phone. (not pushy just persistant in asking for the card.)

    Maybe my aggressiveness needs to be toned down and won't translate well for this? In my experience no body wants to pay money for something even if they really like it, you got to beat it out of them like a war. But I also have not sold much SEO.

    I have only sold 2 SEO accounts for $500.00 each. One was over the phone, hard sell close... and I dropped my pants to a 3 month agreement. He was a referral from another guy locally that I sold face to face for $500/mo 1 yr agreement.

    Again if anyone out there is selling the majority of their SEO by PHONE could you please step forward.

    If I got their credit card and a signed contract how can they screw me? I do want the bigger fish. I know my one I sold face to face would have paid twice that, after he signed the contract he said in his opinion I'm too cheap. He got both mine with one kick to the groin on that one.

    I always get credit card first before sending contract. This is what I am used to doing from my previous work. B2C phone selling.
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  10. SimplyMagic

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    Dec 10, 2010
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    Is this opinion of yours based upon you actually picking the phone up, dialing and talking with a minimum of 100 business owners or is this based upon your fear to smile and dial?

    I have feared and called anyway and it works. Fear goes away when you take action. Paydays arrive when you take this action as well. This is from my experience.