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Discussion in 'Misc' started by loclhero, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I bought this turnkey site over at sitepoint last fall (2007) and have had zero time to work with it and frankly don't have the technical savvy to dick around. I don't have knowledge of frontpage which is uses.

    It's not a bad site but it has a couple of bugs. However the hosting company who also made the site has been right on top of any problems I've had which really have been minor and if you know how, I'm sure can be fixed easily.

    1 - Has a nice admin panel where you add music videos. The vids are grabbed from musicjesus. It works like a champ
    2 - Adsense and affiliate code fits nicely
    3 - When purchased, the webhost offered 3 month free hosting. It's going on 4 months and I'm still getting it free. I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said, they'll get back to me when the trial is over. ???
    5 - I've done ZERO with this and it still has a PR2

    1 - Extremely low traffic. I think the hight uniques was about 450 or so back in November.
    2 - Videos that are added are supposed to show up on the front page but sometimes don't. The host has been quick to respond but it's happened a couple of times. Not sure why.
    3 - Earnings are virtually zero. I've had a couple of days where adsense was 2 bucks or so but that's it.

    Not much else I can think of. I guess there's always the "trademark" issue but that's it.

    I am selling this exactly what I purchased it for which was $295. It's on godaddy and I will transfer it to your account there. As for the hosting, I don't know what will happen. If you have a place to host it you might want to rather than an unknown host.

    This site really can be a good little viral thing. If you're using myspace accounts to any degree it would be great.
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