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May 23, 2017
Hello BHW Members,

I have been selling Instagram accounts for about 2 years, sold more then 150 accounts so you can expect professional attitude, honesty and fair prices.

The accounts are 2 years old, they have avoided every "instagram ban hammer" so far because they were manually created using REAL SIM CARDS, Phone App via 4g and real yahoo/hotmail/gmail accounts and they have been growing for over 2 years using "human-like settings".

Accounts features:

✅ Hand-Crafted with Phone APP and 4g IPs
✅ Original Email Included - Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail
✅ Each Account with different IP (Dedicated Proxy)
✅ Unique Device Info For Each Account
✅ Unique usernames without digits.
✅ 60% of the accounts have REAL HAND MADE logos by my team (Except dog niches)
✅ Targeted audience of followers
✅ No followers have been faked/bought ever on the accounts
✅ Never been used for promotion or spam
✅ Accounts were grown using "human like" settings, slow but steady so Instagram doesn't see them as "BOTTED ACCOUNTS".

These are the accounts available for sale:


Payment Methods:
- ETH or BTC
- Payoneer

After payment received within 12 hours you will receive your account.

Refund Policy:
After you have successfully logged into account, there will be NO refunds. Do your research before purchase. If there will be some kind of typical problems, I will try to fix them asap. In an unlikely event if I can't help you get into an account, I will refund in full.

- Reply to thread or send me a PM
- Email: [email protected]
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For the review, I verified the ownership of the accounts belonged to @kinsta. I also looked through the accounts to make sure everything was as advertised.

  • The accounts appeared to have legitimate followers that were targetted to the account's niche.
  • The comments and engagement for the accounts all looked genuine.
  • The accounts themselves look like they were primarily grown by following other accounts. They didn't appear to have bought any followers.
  • The usernames were unique and all without digits
  • As stated, the accounts all had logos (except for the dog niches) that appeared to be handmade.
  • I could not see any spam on the accounts.
What Could Be Improved
  • For verification, the seller posted an image from each account with the hashtag I requested. However, they used the exact same image in most of their accounts for the verification, which probably looked odd compared to the rest of the posts that were all niche relevant, whereas the verification post was not relevant to the niches.
  • The fitness and health niche account seemed to be more of a babes niche account.
  • One of the accounts is rather obviously just screenshotting another instagram account’s photos and uploading them.
For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

PM me, friend! Thanks!

PM Sent. Please tell me in PM what account/s are you interested in.

Heyy, can I see cats (general) account?

pls send me the @ of the makeup account

Interested for the fashion accounts. Can you send me a PM ?

Hi can I look at the yoga, men's fashion, and couples accounts please

PM sent, check your inbox.
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Interested in #27, do you have larger accounts targeting US Men?

Hello, can you pm please all the dogs, cats and travel niche names? Thanks

Hello, interested in men's fashion accounts, please PM me, thanks!

PM sent regarding some accounts..

Interested for the fashion accounts. Can you send me a PM ?

Interested in yoga account, can I see it, please?


I would like a mens fashion account please

PM me mens fashion please

Interested in makeup and fashion accounts. Can I check them out? Thanks.

Can you PM fitness username? Thanks!

PM sent to everyone.
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