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Selling offline service business online (need advice)

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by catwithhat, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. catwithhat

    catwithhat Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Oct 6, 2010
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    Hi guys!

    I want to know does anyone here have ever sold online+offline business on the internet? I would say it?s more online business and far from brick and mortar business.

    Few things about business:
    1. Basic asset is 32 feet long yacht (Bavaria 32 Cruiser)
    2. Basically all clients come from internet marketing (SEO and social) + lots of frequenters.
    3. Its seasonal business ? season lasts from May to September. High season is from June to August.
    4. This business makes easily 30-40k? per season.
    5. Its easily upscalable via SEO and social marketing (ads) and email marketing
    6. Operating costs are very low compared to brick and mortar businesses (5-10% from total profit).
    7. Website ranks for main keywords, but there are lots of good niche keywords that can be easily ranked in months (for next season).
    8. Business location: Estonia (Tallinn)

    I want to know have anyone here ever sold business that involves offering ?real? service that can't be done online?

    Business is location independent, but it doesn't mean that potential new business owner needs to be in "office"?. I think that potential buyer could be internet marketer who has money to invest in legit service business which is easily operated from internet/computer and he can apply hes own online marketing skills and ideas to grow business (finding new clients).

    Maybe someone can tell me something about selling ?that kind of business? online from his/her experience. Where to find potential buyer? Is it possible to sell something like this in Flippa or similar sites?

    I hope someone here can express some options on this topic.

  2. kytesthi

    kytesthi Newbie

    Sep 22, 2015
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    couple of online businesses
    there's always a market for making money. and offline businesses can be sold online - it happens all the time. you have a unique situation though - you have 1 yacht in Estonia. so the buyer will need to be comfortable with: 1) physical asset of the yacht; 2) the current location; and 3) the upside associated with buying the business given you have 1 yacht and it's a major bottleneck for increasing business / revenue. so, the most relevant questions initially would be: 1) what price are you looking for? 2) what are the operating costs of the yacht - to keep it in a harbor, and when you take it out, etc. 3) what kind of support is there for the business after you sell it?
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