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    Hi i'm thinking about writing an ebook about my own methods how to make good money cause i'm going now to another part of webpromotion.I would also add links to tools and sell licenses with this ebook for own tools.
    What i'm thinking now if its not a waste of time cause for 1000-5000$ its not worth for me to write this kind of ebook.
    Does someone know maybe how much ebooks will be sold on average if the ebook really contains good information how to generate high quality traffic (making xxxx-xxxxx$ a month) for free and have a good advertiser from BHW ?
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    Depends upon the subject, your market niche, what you're including, whether you have to pay affiliates and perceived value.

    I've ghost written for quite a few ebooks which are in the $97 to $149 level.

    The key is NOT to sell an ebook. You can either sell a license for what you have which requires documentation that it is still working. Or, you can sell a course which includes all the software, some videos, etc...

    This is how you command higher fees.

    The most profitable way that I've found is online coaching. Find 50 people willing to invest $500 each use an online conference software and take three hours to teach all of them what you know. Walk your students through each step, answer their questions, make sure they have mastered the technique and you're done.

    I coach marketing consultants at $2500 on how to get their first paying clients and how to continue to build their business and grow their profits using this technique. I also teach netpreneurs how to sell websites to small business owners using a 1-2-1 approach and command $1500 per participant.

    Ebooks take time to write, promote and build to a point where you're going to make enough money to call it profitable. Online seminars, coaching, teleseminars command premium fees.

    JMHO :D

    If this is helpful THANKS would be appreciated =========>
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    Do you know if there are any finance niches that a real financial pro could run a seminar in that have dcemand. If you don't want to respond here please PM.