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    Hello Guys.

    I am currently selling car polishing products here on the local offline market, but am starting to realize I should have used social media way back when I started. I sell both to local stores and to professionals, with of course a difference in price depending on the volume of the sales.

    This thread is to get input on what would you guys do to sell a product you have in stock and are ready to ship(I own the business and everything is done legally). I am getting a mild success with these tactics but it's time to step up the marketing, now that everything else, like setting up the business, is taken care of(or so).

    I will tell what I am doing right now so it's like I am giving back before asking for something in return:

    1 - I cold call and then visit business owners with my proposals.
    2 - I send email campaigns(about 100/day).
    3 - I add possible clients on facebook on a daily basis, and later I will start advertising on the account.
    4 - I have a pretty neat website which accepts many ways of payment and is online 24/7
    5 - I am planning on creating more social media profiles and promote the products via video demonstrations in conjunction with one of my clients.
    6 - I am planning on advertising(Idk yet, radio, newspapers, tv...)

    As I mentioned, any input on how to market my stuff is appreciated. What else is mandatory, in your opinion, that is not being done?

    Really thanks.
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