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    Hey guys! Hope you are all doing fine with your digital activities.

    I would like to ask a question regarding an offer that has been made to me.

    I own a local blog with my girlfriend. THe blog concept its about local lifestyle and women's tips and stuff like that. A owner of a restaurant approached me to ask me if it's possible to advertise him through my blog. I told him No as i wouldnt like any advertising to be in any place of my website. Instead I am thinking of proposing him to indirectly advertise him from the articles. Like doing a post to review restaurants in my city and then providing the details of the particular restaurant and placing him as the top #1 of it's kind. Is anyone using this method to promote offline businesses through his online blog? Do you know the name of this technique? I thought it was called blog mentions but i can not find any resources to further research the possibilities. If you are using this techique, what is your pricing? do you charge the businesses per article? or per month? How do you monitor if the promotion is working if the businesses want to see if you are actually providing results to them?

    Thank you
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    you could ask the restaurant owner for coupons you can giveaway inside of your blogpost, that way he can check if your blog brings results. (may you give them away though sign-ups or per e-mail, so you can check also on your side how many coupons are used/requested)

    for pricing, i would charge a one time fee. but im not doing this so there are may better pricing models.

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    If you want to make recipes or other portable media for clients it's expected you readily communicate to business owners and acquire work.

    In no means is there a limit on how many places you can promote, nor any attached to medium which can be created.

    Other than coupons as mentioned above you could have a page with reviews, maps & special items or even a menu option to grade contacted suppliers.