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Dec 16, 2021
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I am selling Google News Approved Domains (New Edition).

Google News approved domains are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm.

I research and buy expired domains and get them approved on google news.
So, yes, expired domains will give you an additional advantage :)

These Domains are:

✅ Well Researched Premium Expired domains​

✅ Only .COM Domains :)

✅ Descriptive or Keyword Domains​

✅ Memorable Domains​

✅ Indexed on Google​

✅ Google News Approved​

✅ Appears on Google News Tab​

How can you earn money from Google news approved domain?
- The ideal way would be to build website and get more traffic.

Then you can:

✅ Sell Backlinks​

✅ Place Ads and Earn Money​

✅ Sell Guest Post​

✅ Earn from Affiliate Marketing​

Click Here to Order

Price ranges from $60 to $150 per domain

Price varies as per the statistical or market value of the domains based on below things:

  • Shorter domain
  • Competitive niche
  • Domain Age/Metrics
  • Number of indexed URLs
  • Exact Matched Domain
live:.cid.24d1ff8c6ac9b252 (Click here)


Can I see the niche, domain names, and metrics like DA, TF, etc..?

  • If the domain name is forex**********.com then it is understandable that the niche is 'forex"
  • Similarly if the domain name is crypto***********.com the niche will be 'crypto'.
  • You can always comment here or PM me and I will provide you the domain name and then you can do your research :)
  • 24-48 Hours. (Usually much earlier)

Discount coupon?
  • Comment "DISCOUNT COUPON" to get the 50% OFF discount coupon.

How do you deliver?
  • Free push to your account. You need to have an account where the domain is registered. I will give you instructions after purchase.

Accepted payment methods?
  • PayPal
  • I will try to add more as soon as possible.

What is the proof that they are google news approved domains?
  • They appear on google news tab. If you are still not convinced, PM me for proof.

How can I order?

Refund Policy
  • Please do your due diligence before purchase. Once the domain is pushed to your account there will be no refunds.

SKYPE: live:.cid.24d1ff8c6ac9b252 (Click here)

Discount Coupon?

Comment below Discount Coupon
And I will send you the 50% OFF Discount Coupon

Click Here to Order
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So, are those 4 domains on your order page are the only ones for sale? If you have more, please send me the complete list.
Old or new dashboard?
Send me some samples and what you have available. Thanks
Do you have a domain with traffic and tech niche? Specially programmer?
Plus article instant indexing right? and how old is domain age??? and what about domain backlinks? anysample??
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