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Selling generic mobile phone replacement parts ok?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Neu5p3ed, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Neu5p3ed

    Neu5p3ed Newbie

    Apr 15, 2013
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    I am currently looking to sell generic mobile phone replacement parts (ex. flex cables, screws, etc). I currently have an account that is not in good policy compliance standing (although I have 100% feedback around 200 feedback), and I know that I made a mistake selling something I should have not, but I really don't want to lose this account (real account from 2002). Mobile phone replacement parts was not what I sold that got me the violations.

    My replacement parts will have no logo's what's so ever, of the brand (generic).

    I understand that the title has to say "for" or "compatible" with whichever device it is made for.

    Is it allowed to sell generic replacement parts for mobile phones on ebay?

    Am I going to be in any sort of violation with vero, if my parts contain no name or logo of the company on the actual part itself?

    Any valuable input is welcome. Thank You
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  2. BrockwayTech

    BrockwayTech Newbie

    Apr 22, 2013
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    Sole Trader
    I am in the same boat here, few weeks back I had no idea about VeRo. I had a few unique iPhone 4 S parts listed with Apple logo's on them which were understandably removed, being careful after this I had a iPhone 5 housing listed which said 'For iPhone' on the back cover. This was also removed and my account then suspended because the word iPhone was on the product. I guess they were keeping an eye on me after the first violations.
    They do also hold copyright to anything that is their design, although you would have thought a custom/generic model in a unique color or something they don't produce wouldn't be their design? But it is compatible. Quite a grey area, but I think seeing as Apple have the power (thanks to VeRo) to just take anything off eBay that they don't want on there they would just do it anyway. Because they don't want people to have unique apple products which they cannot buy in store.
    I did think perhaps buying an iPhone, modifying it with a unique part (no trademarks) then selling it on may work? Possibly more profit if the customer doesn't have to modify the phone themselves. People will pay stupid money just because something is shiny red for example.
    I'm now toying with the idea of re-listing my iPhone parts on my new account, with no trademarks what so ever and as you said using 'For iPhone' or 'Compatible with' as many sellers seem to do on eBay.