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Dec 7, 2008
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I am currently making an eBook with several money-making methods in it. I was thinking of making a quick advertising video and putting it up on youtube then using tube automator to get the video on the top list. If I put the sales page link in the description, and generate a bunch of review comments, do you think this will work?

I need to sell 100 copies of my eBook and if i'm getting at least 1000 real views a day do you think I could manage to sell at least 10 copies per day?
Also, is there a pay to get people to pay without seeing my name? If I use paypal then people will see that they are making payments to me. Is there a website that will let me sell my product there without taking a huge commission and without showing my name to customers?
with youtube i tried, but i had little success mainly due to a crappy landing page.

If i were you i would have one main video and buy comments, favorites and views for it. then have other accounts where you post a whole bunch of videos. that way you have on video that should be getting alot of views while the others would have few views each, but together it would be alot
What if my landing page is on a site like Amazon or something? I don't really have the money to invest in a good landing page.
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re:to get people to pay without seeing my name?

You can customize your header which could draw attention away from your name but it stills appears in the text just further down the page.

Go to your profile then custom payment pages. Load up a header image and see if it could work for you.
make another acc then to fake your name on paypal or other payment

i also make 2 acc for paypal
but i dunno if it helps
anyway i am newbie too
make another acc then to fake your name on paypal or other payment

i also make 2 acc for paypal
but i dunno if it helps
anyway i am newbie too

if you have 2 paypal accounts don't you need another bank account? lol I don't think I can get a bank account with a fake name.. unless I also get fake id and aggh! I guess it could be done tho.. Or can you just tell paypal your name is something else other than on yer debit/credit card?

You think I could just call paypal and tell them I changed my name legally? lol and just change it to something very common rather than my unique name? lol
It depends a lot on the ebook you're selling. If it's very general and can be applied to most people's lives then it should work. If you'd really like to see sales then SEO the video and get ranked in the SERPs. This will convert a lot better than through y0utube because the majority of people are not there to buy but for entertainment so it might be a harder sell. Just keep that in mind.

Also, is this a book you wrote or are an affiliate of? Popularity of the niche could play a huge role.
well I was thinking as starting s an affiliate, and if thats successful then make my own product, so the landing page professionalism is already done for me if I chose to use youTube.

@bananahands: does it take much longer to get ranked in the SERPS? I thought youtube would be easy, but if SEO it just as easy then I will definitely try that too. If I was going to make my living off of this shit then hell yea I would research every technique and idea you guys throw at me, but I'm not unfortunately :(. Im a musician and so I just need $1000 in the next 10 days.
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