Selling Domains to Local Businesses (Plus Reselling SEO Services)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ivan89, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    Hello guys,

    Today I wanted to ask you a simple yet important question. I would like to have your opinion on a business idea of mine.
    The core idea goes like this:
    I buy different geo domains (eg. or and sell them to different businesses on that area. The key is to find businesses that are ranking between the second page of Google to the last you can find, and tell them "Hey, I see that you want to rank for Boston Plumbing, I have which will help you rank better blahblahblah".
    So after I make that sale (let's say I sell that domain for $150, which is a huge return considering that I bought it for $10), I try to resell them other services (through a SEO Reseller company), like SEO, Local Map Optimization, Web Design, Social Media Promotion, and so on.
    That way, I will increase my profit to higher numbers.

    One of my concerns is that I'm afraid of having trouble with my costumers, as I'm not a US Resident, and english is not my main language (even though I know very well how to write and speak it).
    My other concern is that as I have looked for keywords with more than 100 searches per month and more than $1 CPC (don't ask me why), that may be also a good opportunity to develop a lead generation website, don't you think? I may sell a great .com domain for $150 when I could develop it on my own and profit just by sending leads to different companies.

    So what do you think of these ideas? Which is the best? Do you think they will be profitable on the long run?
    Also, do you think that will it be easy to resell them other services? What are your thoughs on this?

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    It's a good idea, but I think you're overlooking the fact that you understand why these are good domains. Most businesses would ask, "Why would I want when I can have" You'll have to explain the benefit clearly, without be too technical for the client.

    Also, feel free to contact me if you want to resell any of my services (SEO, printing, web design, ORM, Google Places optimization) for a low reseller rate.
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    United States
    I would prefer to buy and rank, and then rent out spots monthly for Boston plumbers to list their business on the website (or if one plumber wants to pay a large amount, sell the site or rent exclusively to them).
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    Nov 30, 2011
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    very good idea just remember you will have lots of customer to deal with and need a team in place also you will get refunds if they dont get traffic etc etc

    nowdays they all gots site and would rather pay to get that built you should simply try this:

    Find people that rank on 2nd page etc or lower and call them tell them you'll get them to 1st page and for every month they are on the 1st page they pay you xyz

    see the trick now if you know your SEO you will make a killing if you dont you will be thinking hmm how do i get them to the first page...

    pick your battles well and only go after businesses that you could rank for and ofcourse cross sell other design services etc
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    Dec 27, 2010
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    One problem I see is that a good domain name won't rank them well without a lot of further activities. So, the potential additional costs to rank the new domain names may drive the customers away. On the other hand if they do not invest in anything else except for the domain name, it's not likely they will lnad on the first page and they could ask for a refund.
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    most companies are not going to want to change domains especially if they have their business name in the URL....your best bet is to show them where they rank with google, then sell them SEO (and possibly package in other stuff)

    being from out of the country you will have to work harder to get customers...make sure you have an amazing portfolio/website which lists services/prices and also lists previous clients and the job(s) you did for them, as well, make sure you have glowing references...

    these two things alone have done wonders when i deal with out of town clients....