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Selling CPA door-to-door

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Wikolia, May 20, 2009.

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    Dark side of the moon
    First of all I would like to say this is my first contribution to BHW. I dont think it has been covered but it could well have so sorry in advance!

    Ok so I decided to post this because I came across my folder with my old ID badge and paperwork in and thought I would post it here in case anyone else wanted to give it a try. I had previously worked door-to-door, both on commission only and salaried so I had experience. I left eventually to work 9 - 5 in the IT department of a bank (thought I better put my degree to use lol) but started this up in the evenings.
    I did this 5 years ago, so I bet a few people have done this too. Now the hardcore blackhatters out there wont like this (its too much hard work lol) but it is a good alternative way to make money.

    Basically I came home at 5pm and would go out again from 6pm-8pm (which is in fact the best time to sell - people home from work). Anyone whos been in direct sales would tell you the best demographics to hit are low-income areas and you work on 'the law of averages' (which is basically the same as conversion rates for IM). That is, for every 100 people you SPEAK to, there are 2 guaranteed sales, 8 likely sales (with convincing) plus another 10 possible sales. ALWAYS set yourself a target. In those 2 hours, I would be looking for at least 4 sales.
    I was using Commission Junction for a phone/broadband company and (I think) it was paying £25 per signup. So for 2 hours work, I would net £100+ ($160/$170+) or $750/$850+ per week minimum. Ok this may not be loads, but at the time although I was in a so-called 'good' job, it was more than my full-time wage! :eek:

    What you want to do is buy a domain similar to the company you are promoting. For example, if the company is 'Tiscali' register TiscaliOnline.com. You would do the usual redirect & hide referrer to your affiliate link for the site.
    You should find that you are provided with some marketing material with the companies logo that you are authorised to use (e.g. banners etc). You need to be creative in how you use them (i.e. not breaking copyright etc), but essentially they are provided for you to use. However, make it clear on everything its TiscaliOnline.com (as company name) to cover yourself and use their stuff as a sideline so the customer recognises the brand.

    Now in order to do this you will need a few supplies:
    - A photo printer + proper photo paper
    - Carbon paper + normal printer paper
    - A plastic ID card holder & lanyard
    - Sticky Back Plastic
    - A good quality leather folder (like all door salesmen use)
    - Unregistered PAYG mobile/cell phone

    Once you have the above, go along to a printed plastic card website (google is your friend ;)) and most will offer 'samples' you can request (make sure there is a plain white one). You may also want to look to order a printed lanyard too (with TiscaliOnline.com) so it looks more professional but you probably will need to order a minimum of 10.

    Now use a paint program (really needs to be photoshop) and design a company (TiscaliOnline) ID badge. Make it look realistic, in colour with a B&W photo of yourself and include things like issue date, expiry date, name, position (e.g. direct sales adviser). I also put a faded layer (about 30%) as a 'security watermark' which went from the bottom corner onto the rest of the card to make it look more authentic.
    After a few test prints and some resizing, print your ID onto the photo paper, cut it out to size and glue it to the card (taking your time to make it look perfect!). Next draw around the plastic card on the sticky back plastic sheet, cut it out and cover the front of your ID card, this will take out some glossiness from the photo paper and protect it from the rain. You need to do this perfectly so take your time, using a second card to smooth out over the top, then place in the card holder and attach the lanyard. If done correctly, it will look exactly as if the plastic card has been printed on directly! (which of course is an option if you want).

    Next you will need to create the application forms. Trying to follows the style of the company you are promoting, but using your domain (TiscaliOnline.com) instead. This is important from a legal standpoint! (you are a marketing company, paid per sale. Not falsely representing yourself as the company you are promoting). Get hold of as many forms for utilities/phone/broadband as possible and more or less copy the wording to make sure it is done properly.
    Put a sentence above the signature space something like "By signing this document you certify that you give your permission for TiscaliOnline.com to collect, store and forward details contained within this form onto all relevant parties in order to process the application on your behalf. TiscaliOnline.com will never sell or pass your information on to a third party that is not directly linked to processing this application."
    You need to print out both colour and b&w copies of this form (say 20 of each), placing a colour one on top with a carbon sheet underneath with the b&w copy at the bottom (the customer always gets the original colour copy).

    Next design some marketing material with all the latest promotions on their site. I would print these out on photo paper too & then laminate them, buts its up to you. These are to be kept in your folder as your presentation.

    Finally, design a snappy leaflet highlighting the best offers, again keep yourself out of trouble by using YOUR domain (TiscaliOnline.com) and not the companies name. Put at the bottom of the leaflet something like "Call your local sales representative today on 07555555555 <- this is your PAYG mobile number).

    Now unlike real door-to-door sales people, we dont care if they go and sign up at our website because we still get our commission, and it saves us time/effort. However, you still loose the 'impulse buy' factor, so I found that if they ask if you can just leave a leaflet, just push a little for the sale and say "well, I would prefer it if we could complete the paperwork together. Im being honest with you, because if you sign up at the website that means I wont earn my commission".
    That helps give the 'normal door salesmen' appearance, and you would be surprised how many people say "ok fair enough, would you like to come in".
    Then for the others that still say no they want to think about it or do it online, leave them a leaflet and you will pick a few of them up too.

    Finally alternating between proxy servers (in your own country obviously lol) go to your site TiscaliOnline.com every day and complete the registration of the customers you have signed up going door-2-door.

    This might sound a lot of work, but it actually isn't when you get the hang of it, and you can meet some right characters too! lol :rolleyes:
    Also, the longer you do it, the more leaflets are floating around, and the more people are talking about it and referring their friends. So you can find one week you had an extra 10 signups you were not expecting.
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  2. cunningstunts

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    May 7, 2009
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    Man your a cunning MF!

    I scanned through but did these offers require credit card details?

    Nice post though - where there's a will there's a way!
  3. Zer0199

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    May 19, 2009
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    That's really good if your good in person talking and convincing people.