Selling Awesome Downloaders including 4 websites and Telegram Bots [Earning $1,100+ Monthly]

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Mar 22, 2023

I'm selling 4 websites and Telegram Bots that can download elements from popular design sites such as En**to, Freep**k, Flat**on and so on. Check out the videos at to get the details you want to know.

What's including?
  • All downloader scripts.
  • 4 domains + 4 websites.
  • 4 Telegram bots + 1 Telegram channel.
  • All current subscription accounts will transfer to you.
  • Current hosting ($7 per month) will transfer to you.

Payment BTC - non-refundable once all assets are transferred.
Asking Price - $2,2222.
Telegram Contact - @hushedman

PM me if you have any questions.
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Update: creati** downloader script is also included, it can be started with a domain and subscription immediately.
Do the four websites and TG bots earn $1,100 monthly atm? If yes, is there a catch? Because your asking would be x2 of your monthly rev
Do the four websites and TG bots earn $1,100 monthly atm? If yes, is there a catch? Because your asking would be x2 of your monthly rev
Check PayPal video at, which shows the past income. I increased the price from $4.99/19.99/39.99/79.99 to $9.99/39.99/69.99/199.99 on November, just got $335 income. I plan to continue the prices December for test. If the income decreases, I'll change the prices back.
Some notes:

Why am I looking to sell?
I'm a developer, and I’ve completed the whole project. I want to make more money, but it’s difficult for me to apply to other payment gateways except PayPal. Lots of Indians want to buy the downloaders, but I have no available payment gateway in India and can’t apply. I think if someone is good at SEO, he should get more sales.

I need to tell you the truth: I increased the price from $4.99/19.99/39.99/79.99 to $9.99/39.99/69.99/199.99 in November and just got $335 profit for November. I plan to continue the prices in December for testing. If the profit still decreases, I'll change the prices back. The PayPal video shows the profit from the project started to October.

I just added GA for all websites, so if you need traffic details, please PM me your Google account and I'll share it with you.

There is a Telegram support channel, you can join it to learn users feedback.
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How much are chargebacks on paypal?
8 disputers and 2 chargebacks.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 12.25.50 AM.png
$475 sales for past 30 days. PM me if you're interested, the sale will end this week.
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