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    Anyone that has experience (positive/negative)
    with selling online advertisements to company's offline?

    I had this idea one year ago when I was reading some tutorials on "how to make a million dollar website".
    The last few months I met several people here in Thailand that actually are putting up website's like these and are hiring sales staff to sell the Advertisement services.

    Making a website about a city.

    - putting some useful information on it like a city map and historical background of the city.

    - the menu should be simple and clear,
    Hotels & guesthouses, Restaurants, Entertainment, Nightlife, Shopping, City map, Car & bike rental etc....

    Selling advertisement to company's within the city.

    - try to arranges meetings with the marketing manager or person who is in charge of this.

    - present the website, and an example page of how the advertisement would be placed on the website.

    Here in Thailand the minimum rate for this kind of advertising on a website is 30$ a month (I know some people who actually charge 60$, and their website looks like s.h.i.t., that is the main reason why they are not selling any advertisements yet)
    In the USA or EUROPE you can easily ask 100$ a month i think.

    The great thing about this business is that, when you have for example 40 clients then you can sell the website and get a pleaseful benefit out of it.

    In Thailand :

    30$ x 12 = 360$ a year per client

    360 x 40 = 14400$ a year for 40 clients

    Website sale price : 14400 x 3 (years) = 43200$

    and 30$ a month here is low, but i would only ask more if there really is big traffic on the website.

    43200$ is the selling price of an average property (living area: 160 Square meters, 3 bed, 3 bath, build in brick, privat garden, terraces and parking)

    In the USA or EUROPE :

    100 x 12 = 1200$ a year per client

    1200 x 40 = 4800$ a year for 40 clients

    Website sale price : 48000 x 3 (years) = 144000$
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