Selling A Physical Book + eBook Together on Clickbank A Good or Bad IDea?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by hydroflame7, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Hello there guys,

    I need some help and/or insight on this:

    So currently I have an ebook selling decently well on clickbank. I'm thinking of adding more value to it by including a physical copy of the book on the upsell but I'm unsure whether it will actually harm or improve my profits.

    On one hand, adding it would improve my upsell rate + improve the product's value but I'm worried having a physical book will create a 2nd-market for my product. My product is a well brand-named ebook but I worry I will create a secondary market on ebay and amazon if I decide to give out a physical book as well. Ebay and Amazon results would definitely be in the top 10 of my search terms and there might go all of my profits.

    Any one with advice on this? Should I provide a physical book as well or no?
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    You can say in the TOS that this book is for personal use only and cannot be resell.

    Then you can sue the * out of anyone who try to resell it.
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    Surely there would only be a 2nd market if there are buyers who do not want to keep their original copy. Is the ebook something you can read once and not need to refer to again? Your ebook refund rate should give you a rough idea of how big the 2nd hand market would be

    I'd make the physical copy a lot different from the ebook. Give it extra chapters/worksheets (especially ones they are encouraged to fill out, less of a market for marked books). Give them reasons to keep their copy. Whats in it for them. If there's no real value to it been a physical copy, then use the extra info to make an ebook upsell
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    There are a few ways you can do this but you will need to work out whether it's worth the extra costs and time you are putting in. You might have to lower the commissions to still make it worth it.

    As up-sell you would have to sell the digital copy first and then provide them with a pitch for the physical copy for XX amount extra. On this up-sell you could lower the commission to 50% for example and still keep the 70/75% or whatever you are offering on the digital copy.

    As a vendor myself I always recommend up-sells and especially with the awesome one-click function on Clickbank. You will basically double your profits most of the time and your product will appeal to much more Affiliates.

    What I have also seen is that vendors offer the physical copy up-front. Meaning that customers can now choose to go for the digital version or the physical version for a bit extra $$, but in this case you will have to offer the same % commission for both products.

    If your physical copy would be 10$ more then the digital version I don't think your going to make much extra profit with the shippings etc.

    Selling a physical version of your ebook outside your Clickbank landing page could harm your business as some affiliates might worry about losing commissions if they find the book on amazon, ebay or anywhere else.

    I would say no.

    You are going to be better off by creating a extra ebook you can up-sell or even other materials that is related to your niche to boost your income and keep things digital.

    Most vendors that do sell physical ebooks often have more products in place and sell them as bundle.