Sellers need, sell online, or b2b. Make monthly recurring, legitimate company

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    We are looking for marketers who can sell our product to companies and individuals in the USA.

    About the company:
    The company provides real time GPS Tracking solutions. These solutions are mainly used by companies to keep tabs on employee vehicle use. It will bring the buyer ROI by cutting vehicle idling, fraudulent overtime, eliminating use after hours, efficiently routing delivery... The system can also be used by consumers to keep tabs on teen driving, securing stolen vehicles, reducing insurance rates...

    Our company was put together by only a few key developers, which means that we are able to very competitively price our products. We are already in the black and we will be in this for the long haul.

    More about the products:
    Product is easy to use. There is a plug and play device, which installs directly into the diagnostic port and hides with an optional cable. Or there is a device which is installed inside the dash and is connected directly to a power source. Once installed the user will login to the tracking portal where they will be able to view the device on the Google map platform. They can run reports for up to 90 days in the past. Also they will have the ability to play back tracks on the map for up to 90 days in the past.

    How we currently sell:
    Currently we are selling to local business. We have also sold a few online on ebay, and have got 100% positive feedback, but we don't have a powersellers account so its not at the speed we would really like. We also have a website which makes a few sales a month with a OK landing page. We just don't get much traffic because the SEO competition is extremely difficult.

    What we are looking for:
    Professional sellers, we want someone that will stay with us for a long time and build a lasting relationship.
    Powersellers, IMers, direct B2B sales reps

    Whats in it for you:
    *Commission per device sold + monthly recurring on life of subscriber
    *Pre developed marketing material
    *We need nothing from you to start besides a signed NDA

    PM me for detailed company info