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Seller Limit (New EBAY account) Huge long story - INPUT APPRECIATED EXTREMELY!!

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Fred2507, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Fred2507

    Fred2507 Registered Member

    May 10, 2009
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    What had happened was, I had worked with someone under their very old 100% account. I had the limits up there to whatever it was, I think I was allowed to do fifteen on a monthly basis in gross sales.. I got robbed by buyers and sent replacements I didn't owe and all that usual horrible garbage
    So I was 100% and five stars across the board and "top rated" and getting the big FVF discount for being perfect and the whole bit

    Anyway I was allowed to list all I needed to
    But then when you can't, there the whole thing is being pointless garbage

    So I've sold a few things on my account since I created it a few months ago, maybe 10 or so, 15 probably, and I have about 75 green feedback (mostly buyer though)

    Meanwhile paypal finally took me off of the hold your money forever plan
    But my limits haven't increased at all over here on ebay
    I'm 100% positive my buyers loved everything - I think what murdered me was the ebay system says that I didn't upload tracking on time even though I shipped the thing within minutes or whatever else

    Am I right is that what's ******g me?
    I know that if I try to talk to them about it they'll tell me they don't care and oh well and all of this, right? ??? Can I fix it at all some way??

    Meanwhile the "request another limit" is taking me to a cute little dialog which says it's going to send a pin to me via text and it just never comes in

    I had broken my telephone and I never messed with getting another one but I have a landline here like a fossil
    But the point of that is that I text via pinger these days
    I think when it says it texted my pinger number it's basically just ghosting me like craigslist, you know?
    No error, says text was sent, nothing

    And then if I tell it to call me (either on my landline OR at my pinger number) it says that thing about "we've tried to call you too many times, 24 hours, **** you, etc"

    I verified my PayPal account and all of that and I've had my landline on file with both companies since I made the account
    I didn't expect for my main telephone number to be gone (I had that # for 11 years and the one before it for longer) but it's been a horrible year and I finally said **** it when I broke the device itself (really don't need one right now)

    But is that why ebay system is telling me to **** myself by saying "text sent" when it isn't and the never calling amd saying "we called too many times"???

    I'd extremely appreciate anyone's input at all!!
    I fell off and it's been a rough year and I miss having money extremely over here
    Meanwhile I never forget anyone who is helpful so keep that in mind maybe??

  2. Old Dog

    Old Dog Newbie

    Apr 19, 2016
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    Flea scratcher/butt sniffer
    On the porch.
    Just call them 1 (866) 540-3229. Once you get someone on the line tell them your calling to get your limits raised and they will transfer you to the right department.
    They will look at your account and ask you a few questions. Then will likely give you a limit increase.
    Dont expect a big increase at first but if you max out your selling every month and then call every 30 days. You can get a bump up about once a month.
    Otherwise I have read that if you sell at least 80% of your allowed items for 2 or 3 months in a row they will bump you up automatically without having to call.
  3. Fred2507

    Fred2507 Registered Member

    May 10, 2009
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    I am not sure of what to do with this
    My father has a real old account set (EB+Pal) but he only used it a couple of times overy the years to buy
    Upon first login recently it gave him 100 and then the automated thing let him go to 1000 / $25k
    Still not stellar or wonderful but it's at least some breathing room
    He owes me extremely so he'll partner with me on what ever he can- he's good like that

    Meanwhile I am so curious about how ebay knows which things about what

    If let's say dad manages to find his way over to my house and he's listing items and what ever else at times
    Will that fuck shit up since I've use my account from these devices on this network over here
    It's just residential cable modem is all it is

    I up and said fuck it let's just try linking our accounts because otherwise ebay will end up just killing us both
    The balls on me for trying that I couldn't even believe I did that but then it told me, hey idiot, you cannot link to some 90 day or newer account, stupid
    I'm sure that they absorbed that information though
    I mean it's better letting them know upfront we know each other and work together - right? Otherwise that's what everyone says some little reason got them excommunicated

    Ebay has treated me interesting over the years
    Back in what was it 1999 or whenever that was they find out I'm not eighteen and suspend me, I hadn't paid selling fees that month yet it was what, eight hundred .....
    So their position a few weeks later is, fine, you're of age now, pay the eight bills and you're good
    Then they never responded to me again at all in any way ever again

    Then over the years I had managed to contact them and I was allowed back in but I got caught up in that scheme where they billed everyone two or three times and then suspended them
    Paid 'em TWICE
    Kept trying to get them to look at scans and etc of proof of payment and on and on and on and they just said, hey die in hell forever, pay us a third time

    You never KNOW what can happen with ebay
    Big love hate thing
    Those can be good

    Input from people who know things is still very welcome and appreciated to an extreme. Thanks for the response
  4. Fred2507

    Fred2507 Registered Member

    May 10, 2009
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    PS: If someone has an old ass account like that, did it hurt anything that the first thing upon logging in after two years was the request increases procedure?
    Red flag to the algo or I'm paranoid on that?
    If the limit is 1000 / 25000 can I actually list 1000 for real like in actuality or will it make the bot throw a fit? I do not need the 25k gross on the month at first ... it's $5 to its maybe $20 items
    What I need is as many listings as possible see
    I'm thinking that I should limit it to some here some there, basic baby piss shit, and go from there
    What a fucking waste of a patience
    I'm tellin' ya

    I know this is where anyone who knows things probably is and anyone who helps me out I'll try to make it well worth your while, real talk I don't mess around :)


    Thanks !