Sell Wide Cloaker Help


Nov 4, 2008
Hello and greetings, I ve been using sellwide cloaker very successfully getting traffic from spain and all latinamerica, but suddenly hostgator made an upgrade to the whole server (shared) and program stopped from working

I ve been doing some research and noticed that this software creates an htacces file in the virtual directory where the cloaked pages are printed for the search engine, but looks like this software needs additional security whitelist in the server

Any one can help me, Free copie with activation code for a solution

Thanks and greetings from Mexico
Try changing the CHMOD on the subdirectory and .htaccess file to 666 because the script may need to write to it.

Also check your path to perl is still the same. In your hosting control panel it should say something like /usr/bin/perl for the path.

If it's different in your scripts configuration, update it to the new path.

Without more specific info, it's hard to say exactly but that is a start.
I can try it if you would like, however i don't have a Hostgator account just a dedicated server.

I remember reading Hostgator were in the process of upgrading their servers to php5, and from what i know SellWide is a pretty old script so it was probably only built to work with php4.

So do you get any error messages? Or does it just not write and cloak?

Is your server generating any error logs? Often you can work out what's failing by the error messages.
Software only gets a 404 error page,,,,,,,,,, it just dont cloak and it just dont redirect
Let me check out in the error logs
These are the error logs I found for today

[Wed Dec 10 13:33:07 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/jalerdo/public_html/contenido/Hosting_como_ganar_en_bwin.html, referer:
[Wed Dec 10 13:33:01 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/jalerdo/public_html/contenido/Hosting_como_ganar_en_bwin.html, referer:
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