Sell Me Your Product | NO RISK & NO INVESTMENT

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    NO RISK & NO INVESTMENT NEEDED (depend on products)

    Honestly forgive me because i dont know what would be the best topic for this, so if you coming to the wrong thread then i do apologive :)

    OK...i'm looking for JV and i will sell your product in my local forum. It is something like a franchise concept and if you are interested than please read on :)

    My country is a developing country and we have lots of IMer and Internetpreneur selling and buying almost everyday. I'm a member of the top Money Forum in my country which have almost 60,602 members.

    Statistic of the forum:
    - 60,602 Members
    - 31,280 Threads
    - 667,404 Posts
    - 65 viewers/average in the BST daily

    Why with me:
    - Because there are many service that is still not available in the forum
    - Opportunity for me to help you to promote your service
    - I can communicate with them with our local dialect
    - I know what is the hottest demand in our country

    Whats the benefit for you:
    - I help you to sell your products/service
    - Franchise concept and expand your wings
    - Additional side of income from other source

    What product that currently have less competitor (hot niche):
    - Backlink
    - SEO
    - Facebook Guaranteed Fans
    - E-Book (the most hottest product, weird right?)
    - and others...

    What product that the forum doesn't have yet (good potential)
    - Facebook & Adword coupon
    - Bots maker (like Pat Miller service)
    - Fanpage & FB Profile seller
    - and others...

    Who am i looking for:
    - Direct supplier/seller
    - No broker third party because i know your price are sky rocket

    PM me should any of you interested then we will discuss on how to split it :)

    On a separate note:
    Honestly eBook are selling like hot cakes over there and maybe because this is the phase or period (in my country) where they need to read and have all the input about internet business before they go to the next level. Imagine a simple eBook like 'Basic steps of Blogger', 'How to monetize Fanpage' and etc selling like hot cakes. So if you are good in writing then maybe i can translate it then we can sell it here. I can do it myself but i'm too lazy to write :)
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