Sell China phones. Make $20USD/phone. Joint Venture.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I own an ecommerce site, SaraMobi (dot) com
    I have staffs in China.
    I have phones in China.
    My dad owns this wholesale business

    Right now, i am looking for dedicated partners World-Wide.
    I am quite sure, China Phones are selling well world-wide.
    People are stilling buying China Phones.

    To be honest, China Phones are not really that bad.
    It is just because of few bad reviews that we see that makes us think that they are bad stuff.

    Look around you, 95% of items are somehow Made in China.

    Ok, I will get to the point.
    With my ecommerce store i am making $x,xxx per month.
    I would like to increase it.

    What i realized was, alot of customers ask me if there is a local representative for SaraMobi. Obviously, i dont.
    Right now we have office in India, China and Hong Kong.

    I have been asked this question so many times that, i have decided to get local partner for each country.

    So, here is your chance.
    I am trying to get 1 local rep from each country world-wide.

    - Good Knowledge on SEO
    - Know how to manage Store. We are using MAGENTO script.
    - Ability to answer your local customer.
    - Know how to market to local customers (Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Endless ways..)

    I will develop the site for you.
    I will provide you with images and product details.
    You will just need to do simple uploading of a CSV File to get products displayed.
    You will need to market the site which will be dedicated for YOUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS.

    For example, John from USA is interested.
    He pm me and let me know about his marketing experience and etc.
    Following that, we will create a new online store similar to saramobi
    once done, John will start marketing the phones from the new site.
    Any orders received, will be passed to us.
    we will deliver the phones for you.

    This is different from affiliate marketing.
    In affiliate marketing, you tend to lose commissions and you wont get the experience of facing real customers (good thing :) ). and in affiliate progs you wont get paid for any sales after the time limit.

    And, it is quite true that when there is a sense of ownership, you will perform better.

    Honestly, it isn't hard but interesting.
    You will get your own online store for your local customer.
    You can accept whatever payment methods they prefer.
    Bank transfer and etc.

    Be it profit or loss, we will share it 50-50.
    You can easily make $20USD per phone.
    And you can Easily sell 1phone/day.
    $600 per month with very minimum work.
    Answering emails and then marketing.

    * I am not marketing Saramobi well enough. *

    We can use the LOCAL SELLER as our selling point and sell it for greater price.

    Take a look at my site, saramobi (dot) com
    and let me know if you would like to get into this business.

    It wont take much time to set up.
    However, i want DEDICATED PARTNERS with GOOD marketing knowledge.

    You can use adwords to market the site.
    you can use blackhat methods.
    you can use whitehat methods.
    It will be your own online store selling our china phones.
    be our dedicated partner.

    We are hoping to cover at least 25 countries by the end of this year.
    Seriously, a local rep will increase sales.
    and being a local rep will give you some $$$.

    * Please dont pm like "Send me all details".
    I get pissed reading that kinda PM.
    It simply shows that you are not keen.
    Tell me specific what info you will need.

    *** I want only dedicated partners.

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    Im interested. sent you a pm.
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    will reply to all pm shortly. held up with some work. :)