Sell a site with manual traffic as an automated project?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by renateh, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I just wonder how this Flippa things work. How long will the money be in the escrow? Because just as an example - I have a website listed in the serps but I can generate up to 10K$ commissions per Month when I promote this project manually with a BH Facebook method and groups. I get around 1K$ trough the search engines. There is traffic coming trough the search engines but some one not from the niche won't know how much that traffic really worth is because it is a pretty complicated forex niche.

    So what do you think if I sell a site that has generated 30K over 3 months as an automated project with automated traffic from Google and Facebook Pages? The buyer will see the affiliate earnings + visitor stats and will see that a lot of people come from Google and Facebook and they think that FB is growing naturally. But in fact the traffic and conversions are just pushed. When you stop doing these traffic methods the earnings will drop rapidly. When the money is in the escrow traffic will be pushed further that all looks ok but as soon as the money is secured the manual traffic methods will be stopped.

    Could this work? Just curious because if this could work - why isnt doing this anyone? Pushing traffic with PPC without profiting too much and as soon as there are engoug stats sell it and state that these earnings were generated automatically??

    And NO I AM NOT PLANNING TO SCAM ANYONE! I just want to know how it works theoretically :cool:

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    This is exactly why proper due diligence is so important.

    Stuff like this happens from time to time, and there's not much that can stop it from happening apart from educating buyers and having them perform full due diligence instead of blindly trusting any seller.

    That said, if someone who does this is unfortunate enough to make a deal with me, they'll simply end up in court because I always sign a solid written agreement prior to any purchase.
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    Could you PM me the details (price) if you still selling that site... Thanks
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    Aside from it being dishonest and basically fraud since you're telling them it's making 10k per month automatically when in reality you're doing work to get the money, like Bryan said, you won't get away with it with a smart buyer.

    Assuming you claim 10k per month as the income, that means it would most likely sell for over 100k. I think anyone that pays 100k for a site is going to have a contract written up and have a lawyer involved because that's a huge investment.

    On top of that, if someone is going to pay that much money for a site, they are going to do as much due diligence as possible to make sure everything checks out and they are sure to uncover a few missing pieces in this situation.

    The best thing to do would be to put it in the listing that the site makes $x,xxx per month on auto-pilot from Google traffic, but it makes the $10,000 per month by doing some stuff on Facebook. Then you can give the winning bidder the exact blueprint that you follow to profit off the Facebook traffic so that they can duplicate it.

    There's a big difference between Black Hat and scamming people.