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Sell 2000 Albums or 5000 Singles Via BH in 6 months?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Kryptik, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Kryptik

    Kryptik Registered Member

    Jan 30, 2009
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    I know music promotion questions are often bypassed on here, most likely due to low profits compared to other niches, but let me explain my situation.

    I started a record label and in my country (Canada) we have grant/loan programs that you need to have 2000 album sales or 5/6000 singles to be eligible. (This can open up $10,000's)

    We are releasing his album late July and I'd like to hit these goals within 6 months from release (Ideally 3).

    I was thinking i could buy them all myself via Itunes, and get 70% of my money back. ($1800 investment if I buy all singles).

    I could also offer a crazy affiliate program where I give away 100% of the income from digital sales (think people would be interested?)

    Any other suggestions?

    The Facts:

    - I currently own theartist.com , thealbum.com , theartist.info (And a dozen other music related .info's)

    - I own scrapebox, seonukeX, sick submitter, tweet attacks and tweet attacks creator.

    - I have a mailing list of over 100,000 industry contacts, and a few 100,000 supposed "music consumers". Problem being they are not cleaned and not optin (I purchased list, blasted and lost a server already, but had decent response to the free download I sent).

    - I have a 2GB, 600GB BW, Unix US Based VPS to work with. (Not spam friendly)

    - I also own a music sharing website, but the traffic is low. (20/day)

    - We have a 1000 physical copies of the album

    - Album features a dozen California rap artists with strong local followings (butch cassidy, kokane, wc, etc for those that know the scene)

    I Feel like I have the ingredients, but no recipe.

    Any pointers? Should I just blast everything at a strong landing page that points to online retailers? Or make my own shopping cart?

    I appreciate the input! Clearly everything I've acquired is due to the great advice given throughout bhw.
  2. finerpleasure

    finerpleasure Newbie

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Okay, i am confident- i understand music business, i managed a small rnb group while i was a student.

    Based on my experience, observations and theories. I cant explain in detail but i will give you the best pointers

    You must-

    1- Have a video . You should think youtube, for promotion.

    2- Stop mailing industry contacts, this is the music business not internet business, style and method is not the same. In music, the dj - radio dj, decide who becomes the next coolest act. So, first of all get a small website for the group, pull out there best tracks, master them for radio play.

    Find the email addresses, mailing addreses and phone numbers of the radio stations. e You need to prepare something called a press kit for this.

    Get, the dj's to play the music. And, promote it on facebook and youtube.

    You should start seeing sales from this.

    But---- if you music sucks you wont survive - music must be cool to sell or attract.

    If music is not nice, you can scour- canada for indie artist with no money and pool their best tracks together, then mix it with your's - remix som of the best tracks using your guys and drop it like its hot.

    And pray to Almighty God for guidance and mercy. You will succeed.
  3. suicyco

    suicyco Registered Member

    Sep 13, 2009
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    as above so bellow
    i suggest to start off with local base, cause there is where supporters are, try to get them viral in your campaign, best and quickest with fb fanpage getaway Like/share script; but return smthng valuable in return; fans will do for artist anything; also might consider to read the book from 50 cent, The 50th law; good luck \m/
  4. Kryptik

    Kryptik Registered Member

    Jan 30, 2009
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    I probably should of mentioned some things...

    We have been found on dozens of blogs
    Are Shared In Many Forums
    People upload our tracks to youtube (from all around the world)
    People have used our music for backgrounds in their videos
    Across all videos we see 500-1000 views daily
    We have received radio play with 2 different songs in Santa Barbara
    Our music is professionally mixed and mastered
    We are socan/ascap registered
    He just opened for D12, WC and Trick Trick Locally (and have opened for other similar artists).
    We currently sell ~10/wk on itunes.

    The music doesn't suck, we've had 100's of thousands of downloads worldwide without the use of anything blackhat.

    We haven't cared about sales, but now we need an internet campaign.

    BTW. We are DMDS registered and have paid to submit the single to Canadian and California Commercial Radio, I also have the contact information and have made introductions to well over 50 of the music directors at these stations).

    When it comes to radio, DJ's have no say over what's played unless it's a mixshow.

    I currently have 6 artists, and break even monthly on our sales vs investment. But we're talking a measly $150/mo . I need this to grow 5x and quickly. I can invest $3-500/mo without issue.

    here's a sample...
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  5. Kryptik

    Kryptik Registered Member

    Jan 30, 2009
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    I'm not concerned about super stardom, just want to reach our goals. 2000 albums, or 5/6000 singles.

    Even if we don't make a penny. The rewards and opportunities that open up after that, make it worth it. I'd sacrifice the $1800 and buy the music myself but the location and trends would probably throw a flag. And it sort of feels like the old myspace increaser... Looks pretty, but don't mean shit.
  6. djbankrupt

    djbankrupt Junior Member

    Jun 10, 2010
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    The Canadian North
    Home Page:
    hit me up man, i want in on this affiliate program, i'm also in canada, it should be pretty easy to find me on twitter. :)