SelfHosted autoresponder inbox 100% to optin leads?>

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    We all know that selfhosted autoresponder such as interspire or arpreach must be hosted on some hosting or some server to be working and sending emails. And also we all know that in the beggining and sometimes always emails are landing in SPAM folder, we need to warm IP adress, the bounce rate must be low, unsubscribe rate must be low, open and click rate must be high in order to emails start hitting INBOX. It's hard for imported list, but how the deliveribility is for emails which opted thrue interspire or arpreach webform?

    It's very risky to be building list,your VALUABLE subscriber list, which is making you money for living in autoresponder service like aweber or getresponse, if they shutdown your account,of if something happens terrible to them, you/I screwed...

    Best option is to use selfhosted autoresponder and sleep well ar night,BUT... I am very interesting to hear opinion or answers from people who have experience in this field. Is deliveribility affect the fact that list was not imported, but subscribers opted thrue webform? Or I/we also need to warm up the IP and so on?

    Also,have any saw any differences in open or click rate from sending thrue aweber and interspire? (if both sending 100% to inbox). Maybe if subscriber see that email was sent thrue aweber, he would be more responsive or active? Or if they see its sent from interspire, they could think its spam or something(if they dont remember they opted).

    But the main question is about deliveribilty if people subscribe thrue interspire/arpreach webform? It's the same as imported or it makes some effect.

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    If you have imported a list of subscribers from outside of the program you are importing it to - then these are not valid list subscribers for THAT list. You could have all kinds of problems result from this approach including loss of your accounts at aweber, getresponse,etc ..., blacklisting of your server IP if using your own setup, etc...

    I don't know what "warm up the IP" means, but I know if you want to pull these subscribers legitimately into your NEW lead channel, then you will need to get them to OPT-IN to the new list before you start trying to bombard them with sales pitches. If you tryto hard sell leads that you import into interspire, or aweber, or any other program - without properly warming up the audience, then you are just flushing a bunch of money down the toilet.

    Deliverability is similar with self-hosted approaches (assuming you properly scrub your lists, and keep open and click rates high).