Selenium alternatives

guys i there stable solution for tihs?

i was thinking also in previous chat like

Selenium + AntyBrowser
Pupeeteer + AntyBrowser

i know its kind creepy but someone in planet must be solve it
You mean what is best of two those? It depends, I use pupeeteer
Alternative to selenium: Puppeteer

Solution to your problem: use an anti detect browser
I used Selenium for years until i recently came across Playwright. I don't think i'll ever use Selenium again.
Playwright is just way more stable (as in: less flacky), well documented and easier to code in
if you run your browser in headless mode (and probably you do), then you can replace selenium with whatever, it won’t help at all, unless you properly configure your browser. I did it in the past by fine tuning (hundreds of config options) the Firefox with custom extensions to mock fingerprints (Chrome didn’t support extensions in headless mode as far as I remember), this way I was able to bypass CF and other WAF. nowadays I’d probably choose Chrome based solution and run it in virtual buffer or so. also don’t try to hide your OS via User-Agent and navigator’s options unless you do the same with your TCP stack, they’ll catch you by the balls lol
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