Seen pages with 9 million talking about, 5 million talking about with 100,000 likes, how ?


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Jan 1, 2008
Hello, i am checking on two pages which got viral very quickly, from 10,000 to nearly 200,000 likes now increasing by 10,000 new likes daily - in both these pages there are two similarities, the pages has the most fans in Bangkok, Thailand .. this means they used some tricks to get some posts in these pages viral in Thailand and some other countries..

Can someone check the two pages and tell me how they did this, what tricks were used please ? thanks a lot

1st page:
2nd page:
I would like to know how the post was made viral, i am sure there was some tricks or other things involved, i have seen 1 million like post on this page when it has only 175,000 fans but growing by 5000 new fans daily due to the viral posts

Go ahead Firestorm ask your question :D
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