seems yet another recovery from penguin?

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    this site is a 1-year-old @ 12K local search and was at #3, and it just 5 crap unique articles and some wprobot auto content with ugly theme, but the adsense click rate is super high, it earned around 4-5 bucks per day before penguin.

    it has been bitch slapped by penguin since Apr 24. After that i tried several ways(cut density, twist structure, but nothing happened) to recovery but failed.2 weeks ago i decide to try with 301 redirect to a new domain.

    what i did:

    1. Bought a new domain
    since there is no available emd anymore so i decide use hyphen likes: aged one), copied the site and database, did 301 and wait.

    btw, they are in same hosting, same ip and even same whois because i'm lazy.

    2. WAIT for 1 week
    I haven't added any content or backlinking during this week, and actually i have not added content for 6 months yet. After 1 week, it was ranking around #150, and indexed pages are about 30.(old site is 100 indexed pages)

    3. Backlinking
    I ordered a private network posts service from bst, that's all I did with backlinking. and this service cost me $36.

    but i have no idea how long it live.
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