Seeking the advice of those older and wiser than me! (just wiser will do though :D)

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    I've just come into ownership of a website that includes the terms Dungeons n Dragons. I've only just had it transferred to me and planned to slap it up on Adsense for Domains while I decided what to do with it. However Adsense tell me there's a Policy Violation and wont accept it, so looks like I need to sort this site out sooner rather than latter.

    My question venerable members of this forum, is do you think it's actually worth my time developing the site, or am I likely to get black listed for copy write violation in moments?
    I'm from the UK and have yet to decide upon a host (is it worth considering overseas hosting?) if that has any bearing on matters...

    I've looked into the history of the site, and it ran from 1999 to 2007 as a fan site with no problems what-so-ever (Hasbro purchased Wizards of the Coast - who owned TSR/D&D in 1999 so that's 8 years without complaint...), which is something at least... Ontop of which, I have a very geeky circle of friends, and do content writing for a living so in theory I could gather alot of original material for it, but it seems a bit of a waste if its taken from me in moments.

    This is the first site I've ever bought, and it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing I'm afraid I was full of visions of RPG glory and riches when I placed the bid... So I really need some input!

    Worst comes to worst I was considering is it might be quicker and easier to just sell it to Baremaidens or some other similar fantasy porn site :D