Seeking some expert advice on a keyword I found

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    Jun 1, 2016
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    So I found this keyword by accident and hopefully I may be able to do something with it but or maybe not.

    Monthly searches
    Monthly searches: 5500 (exact monthly searches)
    Keyword difficulty: 40/100
    Broad searches difficulty ranges between: 30 - 52
    Broad searches per month combined : estimate 40000 searches

    Top 10 results
    Top 4 results: Pinterest accounts
    Rest of search results: Mostly images and some basic info(mainly guides) wording around 1000 words

    Domain authority of most websites: around DA25 - 35

    Keyword is a seasonal keyword: Traffic spike from March till August

    CPC: 0.80

    Buyer keywords: Yes ( Amazon sell these products)

    Domain availability: Yes (but only with bestxxxxxx in front)

    My Question

    Will it be wiser to create a brand new website which could take some months to rank even though the exact monthly search results is in the domain name with a buyer extension in front.

    Or should I incorporate this keywords in my website with a separate page even though my website is more about eye care which also have some of these keyword phrases I found even though it is something totally different.

    Any advice would be appreciated.