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    Wish you a great day guys!
    hi there

    I am interested to know if you can do the following requirement for my Amazon affiliate website:

    If you're interested, please confirm the below if you can do so, thx!

    1. It will be in amazon product review niche ( mainly baby related products home improvement, e.g. dehumidifier, toaster and oven and etc. Can you do that?

    2. top 10 categories products review; e.g. "Best dehumidifier for basement" etc.
    Can you do that?

    3. article come with H1,H2 and/or H3 headings, e.g.
    H1 what is dehumidifier
    H1 why you need dehumidifier
    H1 things to consider when getting a dehumidifier
    H2 pricing
    H2 quality
    H2 quiet level
    H1 Top 10 recommended dehumidifier
    H2 model 1 ...
    h3 pros
    h3 cons

    pls write in a user experience format and also a website that is professional do conduct review
    E.g. During our review... etc.

    Can you do in above format?

    4. any copyscape report provided together? and are they pro version os copyscape version?

    5. i want to order 2500 words for the trial, pls let me know how much can you do?

    6. what is the time for delivery?

    7. does it work on the keyword density?

    8. does it work with Yoast SEO for Strong level ?

    9. can you share some products review article for my referene pls?

    10. do you do keyword suggestion prior writing that you have confident it can rank?

    11. Is it ok for all niches for amazon products? E.g. Dehumidifier, toaster and oven, air purifier and etc.?

    12. It will be mostly in the baby product niche, can you share sample work related to this niche pls?

    13. Most importantly, please kindly let me know honestly if your content is rewritten/ spinned/ or written from scratch?

    14. Please make sure you do NOT add any pricing in the article, as it will causes account banning

    15. Pls ensure that you provide the at least 5 reference urls* when submit the article

    *I will pay in paypal only, pls share your paypal email address* in PM

    *Sry for asking many questions, because i want to have a long term relationship and writing services and I am truly a real enthusiatic buyer. *

    I have over 20 websites and going to build 40-50 more. I would really need you to reply all these questions if possible as I am a serious buyer, hope you understand.

    Me myself will use Copyscape, Grammarly, Semrush, seoreviewtools to check the content by my VA, so sorry to say that if you are intended to troll with some spinning service, please do not contact to save us both from wasting our time in paypal dispute and shitlist. Seek for your kind understanding.