Seeking SEO partner for low competition keywords - I will give you everything you rank it

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by hatterftw1, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Ok so basically I'm not very consistent at SEO, I try to learn everyday and test projects but it's hit or miss for me in general. I would much rather let someone else who is much more proficient do the SEO if I could, I'm much better at finding the niches, keywords, creating content, design, ect.

    So this JV is ideally for someone who is very good at SEO and has lots of pro SEO tools/software on hand that he/she is a master of, but just doesn't have the time to research/create content at this point, or maybe just doesn't like that part of IM, or maybe just to lazy to create more because they are busy watching their earnings roll in everyday (lol). I have tons of time right now, I am already making solid autopilot earnings from my existing strategy, but I want to scale it up big time. But the big wall in my way stopping me from doing that is SEO, like I said I'm just not consistent at it.

    So I'm looking for a partner who would be interested in ranking lots of low competition keywords and making a great autopilot income, these sites would be monetized from CPA locking/PPD, but I have other monetizing paths we could go with Adsense and Clickbank, it's just right now CPA is my bread and butter. So again I would be finding the keywords and then creating all the content on these blogs/videos/sites, I would hand over the info to you to then rank.

    I'm offering a 50-50 split on all the earnings made with these sites/blogs that you rank, and I would be willing to offer you even a higher amount of the earnings if you really insist, if I see that this partnership is clearly working.

    I have existing accounts with many of the big CPA/PPD networks out there, which I would be using (but I wouldn't be against using your accounts). I would supply you with daily,weekly, monthly earnings/statistics, or whatever you want.

    There really is no limit to this partnership, I would be pumping out these pages to rank nonstop. I think it is reasonable to say this JV could hit $1,000 daily on autopilot and go far past that even.

    I'm tired of making just decent autopilot earnings, I want to scale this thing up huge already.

    So if this offer might appeal to anyone just hit me up, or leave a reply if you want anymore info. I'm really easy to work with, and I'm willing to adjust for the better good of the JV.
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    PM sent.
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    Hello hatterftw1,

    Will send you a PM about this

    Waiting your reply

    All the best
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    interested in this. let me know more about the details. might even be interested to use my copy of fantomas for this