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    Currently I have several EPN blogs. Over the past 4 months, most have been deindexed by Google, yet still get traffic from bookmarks, yahoo and MSN. Before the Google slaps, traffic and income was good and increasing across the group of sites. Some sites did better than others on a monthly basis.

    After the Google slap and deindexing, I moved 2 of the blogs to another server and domain name, but they only lasted a few weeks before being deindexed again. The reason for the deindexing is probably because in their current form, the sites could be classified as ?think affiliate sites?.

    The prospect of rebuilding these sites with their associated ebay niches, incorporating more relevant and useful content is daunting in terms of time restraints. I am now focused on building a few new blogs focusing on CPA offers.

    So, yesterday I had this idea? given I?ve seen the potential of the EPN program in action when my sites were G indexed and generating profit, it would be a waste to let my EPN account not resume activity.

    So? the idea is this: find someone with autoblogging experience who may be interested to begin a project of rebuilding a group of EPN sites and working on a profit share model. From my experience and reading of various forums, EPN sites do not need a great deal of content, just enough to balance the amount of Ebay listings within the site. For examples, when the site contains 10-12 articles and 1 or 2 posts each week it ought be enough to satisfy Google and the EPN team. The natural long tail keywords supplied by the Ebay listing feeds delivers traffic. And if each site is supported by some Web 2.0 property linking, then there ought be enough profit reward for bother parties.

    I can provide the EPN account; domain names; hosting; phpbaypro script for displaying realtime ebay lisings in each post

    I can provide some examples of other EPN sites to demonstrate the layout that seems to keep google and epn happy, in terms of content and presentation.

    Essentially, I am looking for a profit share partner to rebuild a few of the current ebay niche sites and then add a few more based on niche research. Aim for a target of 10 sites. Once the sites are built, then update the blogs on a weekly basis. If an autoblogging model is deployed, then the weekly maintenance will be minimal.

    From my experience, if these sites keep both G n epn happy. Then achieving 1K per month is not unreasonable as I achieved this when my current batch of 7 were still indexed.

    So anyone interested, please indicate in this thread.