Seeking Guest Bloggers for Sports Niche, PR2 Blog, 60k visits per month

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    Hello fellow BHers!

    Interested in securing a solid backlink from a solid PR2 website in the basketball niche?
    If so, please PM me and we can see if it seems like a good fit.
    The blog consists of 100% original content, high quality articles. We are seeing over 60k page visits per month and growing. Tap into our traffic with your author bio and link.

    Ideally, I am desiring to partner with a few writers who might be interested in regularly contributing (1-4 times per month) toward a new column I'd like to launch. This would provide regular backlinks to your site as well as exposure to our growing traffic base. If this might be of interest to you, let me know via PM.

    preview the site >> shatterthebackboard (dot) com