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Seeking Ebay partners your account my products money will first went at you,

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by habibg, May 19, 2014.

  1. habibg

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    Jan 25, 2014
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    helo guys i hope you are fine.,

    well i have started a ebay business few months ago i though my personal account having 10 k limits will be enough for me to sell.
    but fortunately my sales went so good .i asl so many friends in usa if they have accounts on ebay or amazon some of them have it with very good feed backs.
    they are now earning with me...
    we are having a sale of near 60 k now.

    how this all will work i will explain here .

    i have products to sell ...!
    i will disclose my product on skype.

    not here.

    i will send you pictures and description.

    you will list yourself.
    my products usualy sold out in 5 days per product worth 300 to 2k $
    i will than dispatch product and will provide a dhl tracking code so you can add it.
    one you will added than the funds will be avble on your paypal and once buyer sign delivery you can than pay me .
    i will be paying a commission on each sale.you will deduct that and send my part to my paypal.

    there are currently 12 sellers woking for me.
    my skype is :**********

    this is a free income u have to do nothing but to add my product.:)

    so i only need sellers from usa uk greece or europian areas.

    AND WITH FEED BACKS AS SELLER.must have old profile.

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