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    Hi all, quick bit of background...

    Found my niche market, 2 other competitors (who do the same thing as my page, ish) who simply just share other content whereas my page shares and also balances the posts with all original content. The other pages have been in place for 2 years, one has just hit 50k followers and the other 20k. I've been going for 6 months now and have grown to 15k followers completely organically. I've never used any ads, bots, tools, or even engagement groups. I'm also on Facebook, that page has just hit 1500k followers this morning.

    I know this isn't crazy progress by any means, and after doing some research I've seen just how slow this really is in comparison! I've had several offers from businesses to share their product ads now for small fees, which of course I've accepted! Given this niche is actually quite a large market, I feel the time to really press on and grow this page is now before the competition starts to heat up. Like I said, there are only 2 other pages who are doing a similar thing to mine, but there are literally thousands of users and businesses on Instagram, I'm just hoping to use my page to push products after building a following.

    I am really interested in these engagement groups, I actually thought about contacting 20 or so pages who run businesses in the niche market but honestly I really don't know if these groups are even allowed? Does Instagram have algorithms in place that detect likes all coming from the same sources on a regular basis? I grow an average of 50-100 followers per day and my goal is to get this to 500 per day as soon as possible but I'm all out of ideas. Any help or input?

    Thanks all!
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