Seeking a Proven Keyword Research Expert (100% Whitehat) for Hire

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    Post Panda and Penguin, I am going to try my hand at setting up a large number of wordpress based affiliate websites that will follow every whitehat SEO rule to the best of my teams abilities.

    Aged domains, all high quality original relevent content, tons of articles and other content, all interlinked, targeted niches with silo based micro niches, high quality backlinks, good on and off page seo, topic based instead of keyword based, constant new content and so on.

    If you follow all of this, then you are well aware that the main KEY or Lynchpin of this whole strategy is selecting the correct keywords. Keywords that meet all of the criteria invloving relevence, traffic, competition and commerciality.

    I have Traffic Travis and Market Samuri and other tools but still feel as if this is the one weak element in my skill set. Therefore, If I can find the right expert, I am willing to pay for the help needed to get this done right the first time and truly select keywords I can organically rank for quickly and get enough traffic from in order to make some sales and money.

    Otherwise, all the rest of the project is totally worthless and just wasted time.

    If you are a true keyword research pro and have proven results you can share and would like to assist me in finding the perfect keywords for 4 sites initally, please send me a PM ASAP

    Thanks for reading!


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    I can offer an all in one solution covering keyword research, articles, seo with guaranteed ranking results or your money back. Hit me if your interested.