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Feb 1, 2010
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It's funny when you first begin your career as a Global Research Analysis Technological and Informational Affiliate Broker, or IM, for short -- and you're completely oblivious to the various systems people put in place in order to achieve financial independence. Prior to starting, all websites are pretty much created equal, and it's moreso just a matter of who has the flashiest designs. Shortly after you begin, you realize that many sites simply utilize various blueprints, which would have otherwise remained completely invisible to the untrained eye. Now I'm no IM-Guru or anything yet, but my eye is becoming more and more trained, and I'm finding myself spotting many things that have "never existed" until I came here. Thank you, BHW! You've taught me a great deal. Now the goal is to cash in on this newly discovered sight.
Informational Affiliate Broker
I ve been doing IM for years and i ve never heard that term used to describe someone who does IM.

I am going to use it next time someone asks me what i

But you are right, same applies to youtube,facebook etc. After a while you start to learn from others when you see what kind of monetization, traffic methods they apply on the field not on the forums.
The "Information[al]" & "Broker" parts were inspired by a post I came across last night.
However, "Global Research Analysis Technological and Informational Affiliate Broker" is the full title I'll give if someone asks what I do for a living -- once I'm doing this as a full-time job. ^_^ Hopefully, it will bore them enough to not ask any further questions.
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