See You in the Obituary - Serbian documentary

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    I strongly recommend you to watch this documentary, and post your opinion about it.

    See You in the Obituary (Serbian: Vidimo se u čitulji) is a 1995 made-for-TV 35-minute documentary directed by Janko Baljak based on the book The Crime That Changed Serbia by Aleksandar Kne?ević and Vojislav Tufegd?ić. Made in the form of an extended news report with narration by journalist Dina Čolić-Anđelković, the movie presents a snapshot of the chaotic Belgrade underworld in the early 1990s against the backdrop of wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The film is composed of fragments from interviews with individuals directly involved with criminal activities either through perpetrating them or through trying to stop them.
    Over the years, the film developed an absolute cult status amongst the audiences, mainly due to its raw authenticity, the characters interviewed, and the portrayal of a time (early and mid nineties) in Serbia, and Belgrade in particular, that is considered the worst in its history - economically, socially, etc.

    You can watch the it free here with english subtitles:
    Waiting for your opinions. By the way, if you have something to say, do after you watch the documentary till end, and think about it first.
    This is not a movie, this was a reality.
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    It's all true unfortunatelly.