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see&frame us offers as non us

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Mondlicht, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Mondlicht

    Mondlicht Junior Member

    May 14, 2009
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    UK or GER
    People not living in the US encounter a daily problem. Getting along with their cpa offers which are for US traffic only.

    The first thing to mention is, US traffic has the best offers to begin with. If you check out other countries offers, you only find those hard to complete.

    So how do we manage to get around so we can see and use cpa offers for us, without searching for proxies the whole day.

    the easiest way to archive this is, to go to

    this page belongs to me, so there's nothing to worry about, no **************************, no advertisements, nothing.. 100% blackhat4u ( not everything working properly yet, feel free to pm suggestions for advancements. there's a anonymizer and tinyurl as well if needed without stealing your links and a place to quickly upload pics. a board which is atm rather empty and some other things where some are not working yet.

    at the top of this page you see a little bar giving links like "Slicer" and "Proxy"

    Slicer is just our cake slicer which can be obtained here in the forum as well, this one is just the online version :)

    Proxy is a web proxy, since the host is in us, you will see yourself having a us proxy.

    alternatively you can use proxy websites you can find on the web, but i use this, because i know it works, as well as i have all tools i need on one click bookmarked. quite handy if you ask me.

    ok lets proceed.

    How to frame our offer without a proxy.

    First, we're using the proxy site to go to our cpa offer. Here's the proxy website mentioned from my site above.


    After we enter our cpa link, the page opens it how it should be. Even we're not in the us.

    and the link becomes like this :


    Copy the whole url including http:// and therest

    and go to the slicer ( starting from the above link or just slicer.quicklyshare.us )

    You will use the link you just copied and put it into the slicer field at the top left corner. The same page you saw before is opened just with the slicer active. Like this :

    (note since i don't want to publish my offers here, i am using google as an example.

    You cut out your part which is required, email offer etc. and it'll give you a code. Like here :


    In this code, as you can see on the picture, there's still your proxy link inside. this one here :


    So we just exchange this link, to something like our double meta refresh which in the end when the refer is blank brings us to our page.

    So we successfully iframed our offer without a proxy.

    Later on after you changed back the links to your dmr or cpa offer, you will not be able to see the page properly if you're not accessing it with a proxy or webproxy, so to test the page out, you can just use the one above.

    Thats all you need to know for sliceing them.

    To see your offer without proxy? I guess you guessed how...

    Just use the website proxy to see it!

    Thank you. Don't forget to give suggestions on what can be added to make this a nice resource for blackhatter.