Secret Premium Bot for free now: 100% automated Digg Bot!

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I don't know if you really are the developer but this program is not premium. It has always been free. It was developed and released free of charge by the guys at to promote their proxy service and from what I know if works only with their proxies.

That being said, it is a nice tool to have.
isn't digg closed to registration? you can't register a new account right now on digg... so this is pretty much useless right now.
I will try out this soft, but its quite risky trying to cheat Digg.Nevertheless this tools looks really promising
I just download it, however my smile vanished when VirusTotal gave 3/43

Visrus Total dot com file-scan/report.html?id=ba3dc8b433985dc142dbd40272e32be750e93e8c7f3b6c2ccc2580a82d702c4b-1283550065[/url]


This could be False Positive Detection maybe, or maybe not. Use it under Virtual Machine or Sandboxie
It never worked for me. You must pay in order to use the program, because their "Trials temporarily not available".
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