Secret Premium Bot for free now: 100% automated Digg Bot!

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It can get you on the frontpage if you have an acceptable "story" and if you invest time into the accounts to make them look distinct.
Of course clearly artificial accounts or an obvious advertisement digg won't make it through the moderation ;)
Try to think outside your own wishes, what would happen to Digg if any low quality public proxies would start to hammer it ten thousands of diggs every hour ?
"We" managed to kill any good working method, think about cookie st. eWho*, think about craigslist, think about email marketing (now called spam and known by every internet user).

The same would happen to Digg if such tools were public AND uncontrolled.
Sorry for those who could not download it in the past 24 hours.
I've had a server update and accidentially the download was inaccessible.

The download works again!
The Digg bot also works, I've just recently made a full test to see if anything changed after other digg bots stopped working.
automated account creation, captcha solving, submission and digging all is still working fine.
Justone, just to make you aware the bot is now showing a virus by kapersky.

The virustotal was 100% clean for me till today. Now its not because of what kapersky is detecting. Just to let you know.
I got virus alert as well and you must buy proxy from a specific source to use with it.
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The software is great tool. but this is completely an attempt to sell proxy. Can you assure me that I can use my own proxy? I tried but failed. :) I can't remember clearly but I guess i got the same offer few days ago on another bhw thread or from other site.
You only need a free account, not a proxy license to start using it.

I can guarantee that there are no viruses, I already contacted kaspersky about it
Hey all - Wanted to drop in and say that in about 5 weeks, I'm going to seriously need something to get to the front page of Digg and then some.

I hope a few of you have a nice set of maturing Digg accounts, or know of some good services and are willing to sell them with this tool. I of course will pay, and the site will be Digg-worthy.

The story is that I filmed a TV pilot (I'm an engineer ON the actual TV show), but the show was expensive and the network isn't sure whether to pay for a full season. It's a bit risky for them. So they're just going to show the pilot and see how it does.

Being the semi-blackhatter I am, of course, means that I'm not beyond doing some extreme shit to get the word spread on the net. One such thing will be to get the promos on the front page of digg.

So if anyone thinks they can help and want to get paid, PM me or reply and we'll stay in touch.

I will probably make a separate thread for this later on too. :saint:
Thanks for the bot. I just downloaded it and will give it a spin this week.

I use private proxy already, which changes proxies every 30 minutes, and I'll see how it does here. : i can't understand the digg bot. 1 proxy = 1 vote ? if i need buy 300 proxy at least for 300 votes?
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If you wanted 300 votes you'd need 300 IPs, that's actually a requirement created by Digg.
You can't use one IP on more than one account.

But for the FP you don't need 300 votes.
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