Secret Government Docs with SB :)

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    Want to see all the secret government docs you can and create your own wikileaks site?

    Ok, these aren't really secret, but this is a fun way to find content you can um... re-purpose? Is that the right word?

    Use scrapebox custom footprint something like filetype:xls or .csv or .doc or .pdf or .ppt or whatever you want. SB will find a ton of actual documents created by government interns that think you can't find them lol

    A while back I actually found an excel spreadsheet with a guest list to a white house party using this handy search strategy.

    Then let SB do it's magic. You can point it to a branch like the DOE and get cool content to post to your blogs selling ebooks on running your car on water or building solar powered stuff... whatever... use your imagination....

    Or just type in keywords like CIA or whatever you want... you can use this if your bored and tired of watching free porn and playing WOW, and if you're creative you can scrape more content than you could ever possibly know what to do with.

    And just in case you didn't know, US government work product by law has no copyright protection 'cause you already paid for it with your taxes.

    Have fun :)

    ps i'm going away for a couple weeks so save your questions for each other...

    pps might not be a bad way to make one of those "pay me $9 and I'll show you how to get government grants" books... sky's the limit really. :)

    ppps ok... can't post without putting this out there.... if you find excel spreadsheets you can create a simple online database that allows people to look up stuff that's in the spreadsheet. Important stuff, like which companies are getting paid by the US government for doing work, how much they get paid, etc., People who want to get government jobs might find this useful data. :)

    pppps... ok...... one more.... I can't resist this one... try using some famous people's names as keywords and see what government docs come up. Might even try your own name and see what comes up.
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    im guessing you've had the FBI jumping your door down then soil yourself?