Second 1000+ Day in MMO niche

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    Whats good BHW,

    My post might be a little off track to the thread title, all I hope is that it concretes one important point.

    HAVING A BACKEND (no homo)

    Example this week:

    Solo ad spend: 450.00 US 25/10th

    Front end offer 9.95% * 12 = 119.40 US

    Front end loss: 330 ish bucks.

    The reason I am confident of buying media is because I know the sales funnel converts well and I make up any loss on the backend.

    So today I got notification of a lead purchasing an upsell for 2400 ish ( I get 50%). I would not being able to continue to buy more ad's without this in my funnel.

    The sad thing was I spent years promoting front end offers for scraps, some campaigns even losing coin.

    Now most of the pro's on this forum are yawning by now, but for any people not profitable in your campaigns this post hopefully wakes you up to any money you might be leaving on the table.

    I am heading out of affiliate marketing to promote offline services on a contingency basis as I believe there is a lot of oppurtinity. So I dont really give 2 fucks about spilling this info to anyone that will listen as this forum has given me heaps.

    Having said that I will continue to promote products that remain positive longterm.

    Probably one of my longer posts, sorry if it turns part rant as I have just blazed.


    Edit - This post is not a brag as I am by no means a super affiliate just trying to pass on some wisdom.
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