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    Well it's that time of the year again and this time I'm actually starting now rather than saying I am. One of the biggest seasons to dominate in the micro niche world is Halloween. People are searching online for costumes like crazy and the competition is quite low. I plan on starting at least 50 websites in the next 30 days and ranking them all on the first page of Google hoping for the top 3. Here is what I have:

    SeNuke X
    Micro Niche Finder
    Great, quick, and cheap article writer
    SEO Hosting with 12 IPs

    Each IP will have 4-5 sites on each which will be great for Google obviously.

    I have already started my first 8 websites today. I am starting with one article on each website just to keep starting costs down and to push them out to start getting indexed by Google. Once I have 50 going I will add one more article to each website. If I create two websites daily which is peanuts then I will definitely be able to rank them on the first page of Google (at least most of them) by the time the Halloween niche starts booming.

    About the Halloween Niche

    When you go to keyword tool, you see the average monthly searches for the term. That average is actually the yearly searches and then divided by 12 to make it monthly. I am aiming for keywords with around 1,500 monthly searches. I am estimating that 80% come from the months September and October.

    1,500 x 12 = 18,000

    18,000 x .8 (80%) = 14,400

    Over the months of September and October those that have 1,500 searches will receive around 14,400 or 7,200 monthly. It is said that the first result of Google received 42% of traffic I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) so that would mean I would receive 6048 visits to each website in those two months. This is just a very rough estimate but is reasonable. So imagine having 50 of those working for you at the same time. Yes, CASH COW $$ !

    Since I am a busy person with work and all I am going to train a virtual assistant on SeNuke and Scrapebox to fullfil my SEO needs. If I get these dont then I will only have to pay the employee fulltime for a month or so since everything with SeNuke X can be scheduled ;).

    If all goes well, I would like to keep creating these sites just to cash in every Halloween. I plan on monetizing with Adsense of course and either Amazon or I would like to find a high paying Halloween costume affiliate website. Any tips would be helpful. I'll post my progress here 3-5 times weekly.
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