Searching for viral apps or a way to monetize your Fb page? Maybe I can help.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by omagad, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Ok, here's the deal.

    I've made a script that is made from 3 steps. I don't think is allowed to talk about the first step here, the second is a viral app, auto-post on user wall and third is the monetization, which can be a content gateway or a CPA offer, depending on the route we choose to go.

    The beauty is that the script and app are coded by myself so we can change as much as we want, and is not just an stand alone app.

    In short, I bring to the table my script (app) and I'll also buy hosting, domains and PVA's, lots of them, since the nature of the viral script will get them banned pretty fast...

    What's in it for you? The money!
    If you have big page(s) or you can send Fb traffic, you dictate the monetisation part. We can go for Content locking a video or for a freebie, but bare in mind that the traffic source is Fb and you will need to protect your landing page.

    If you want, I can take care of that too, we can use your account or one of mine, and I'll do the cloaking, fake or blank ref. (I don't want or need acces to your account, just the offer/code for gateway). But if I take care of this part, we need to shift your 100% earnings a little bit (as YOU think is fit).

    If you can take care of the monetisation landing page, then great! All my gain will be from the first step (remember the 3 steps), which will not be direct cash (all I can say here).

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that I'm not selling anything and I'm not building lists. If I'm breaking any of the TOS, I'm really sorry and please delete my thread. I just want to offer some help to whom ever needs it. I will not share or sell my script because every exploit gets patched, until it will, we can all make profit from it and the last thing I want is to hurry the patching process.

    I hope I can help someone,
    Thank you!
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